173 thoughts on “Awkward Gallery of Internet Tough Guys”

  1. Percentage of these dudes who claim Highlander (90s) as their favorite TV show… %100

  2. Not going to lie, thought the guy in the fox suit was Danny Sexbang. Damn near had a heart attack.

  3. Does anyone pay attention to what is in the background of their pictures? Holy white trash mother of meth.

  4. All I can think about is how much I wish there was a fighting game like Mortal Kombat based on this.

  5. Some of them aren’t bad.. but tbh I think its pretty badass that the one guy brought a sword to school for his yearbook photo! XD

  6. Truly priceless,for those guys all look(and act) like they’re auctioning for the new Albert Pyun or Uwe Boll(if he decides to return to filmmaking) action film.

  7. The dude with the struts is amazing. Now I need to walk through my garage and see what I can find to mock internet tough guys with.

  8. Trump is the great American who will bring sanity back to this great country, Make America Great Again!

  9. The one guy was so fat all you would have to do is pass through a doorway.
    He would get stuck.

  10. The only thing about these pictures that bothers me is the high likelihood that these dudes geekiness hasn’t made them nicer people

  11. Most of them look like they are having a lot of fun with their fantasy rollplaying. I especially liked the Sci Fi lazer rifles. Very Men in Black . One or two looked scary angry and may need to work that out in a nonviolent way.

  12. The pictures are dumb af. I love the ones who pose with guns. Fake or not it’s never impressive. Posers with real weapons are seeking attention
    One trend I did notice is a lot of thick or obese dudes love this stuff

  13. Most of these guys would do well to spend less time obsessing over violence and more time on eating well and personal hygiene!

  14. these guys are equally dangerous as anyone else. that’ s what weapons are for, especially guns. Equalizers.

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