23 thoughts on “Most Depressing Home Offices Ever”

  1. Half of these picts are from Russia. So give them a break. Some of these picks may be of homes of people writing the next best seller. Others, however…

  2. I was married to a neckbeard, complete with fedora. His beard was orange, fedora made by Jaxon. Before I met him, he slept on the floor. He told me after I moved to his state, half a country away, that furniture was not as important as his “collectibles” (read: hoarding). He calls himself ConvincingJosh online but he is more like ConnivingJosh. He has NPD – Narcissistic Personality Disorder, as I imagine a lot of neckbeards do.

  3. I like the one with all the open pee bottles behind the keyboard. That is the most disgusting human being I have ever seen!

  4. These hominid-Blattaria hybrid creatures have a lot more of impact in human society than can be suspected. None if it is good.

  5. And to think, these aren’t always rooms in shitty houses. Sometimes it’s a house in a nice overpriced suburban neighborhood, you would just never know it from the outside

  6. The second to last one was me at one stage in my life. That was called Manic depression and poverty all at the one go.

  7. Wow!!! I understand some people live in poverty, but just because someone is poor, that doesn’t mean they don’t clean their home, or room, or wherever they happen to be living. So, I don’t think living in a pile of junk and garbage is a poverty issue, it’s more of either a mental health issue, or that they just don’t care about anything, except gaming, or whatever useless stuff they’re doing in the computer. lol There’s no reason to not clean up after yourself, this is just mental health issues, like people hoarding, and that kind of behaviour I imagine. If not, than they’re clearly the least hygienic people on the planet, cause that is horribly disgusting!! 😳😬🤭😰 How could anyone want to live like that….it’s sad, and just….I don’t even know what else to say really…..

  8. Those places are depressing
    I think some mental and physical health issues caused this/will be caused by this
    And to think how grateful some ppl would be for those horrible dirty places

  9. I believe the 1st and the 4th picture the persons are poor and probably taken in third world country. Their houses look more or less atractive and organized. As for the rest is clearly taken in US. Pay attention to the amount of cigarretes
    bottles and food waste, this is not poverty

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