173 thoughts on “Awkward Gallery of Internet Tough Guys”

  1. The one with the guy wearing just a polo and holding a machete looks like just enough of an inbred manchild that he could actually be dangerous. Short temper with no impulse control, a sense of entitlement and no sense of consequences. Here’s hoping someday he actually tries to use that thing to get his way instead of crying to mommy and picks the wrong target. It’s the only way to ensure his genetics are removed from the human genome.

  2. “This sword can only be held by the purest of hands. Hands that have never touched a woman.”

  3. I’m glad you posted this.
    All these guys need is to have more people make fun of them to help with there low self esteem and insecurity.
    Good job.

  4. VERY disturbing. I bet more than a few need medication. Coupled with a taste for weapons I wonder how many will be in the news for mass shootings? You guys trip me out (YPEOP)!

  5. I think a few of these are just random LARPers, and one was clearly a joke with the dude holding car shocks.

  6. Hey kid wearing the choker and the “Because you cant kill them” t-shirt, your fly is down.

  7. the first guy and the guy with the red chonies are actually kinda hot.. and the dude with the tan trench coat and light blue is looking kinda icy. a handful of these fools are genuinely sketchy though

  8. I realize this post is ancient, but the guy with the swords wearing only red underwear is actually a stock model. I think it’s supposed to be a drawing reference pose. Not to say it isn’t cringe.

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