Awkward Gallery of Internet Tough Guys

Their weapon of choice is katana (purchased at Walmart) and their favorite outfit is a trench coat and a fedora hat. They’re also known as Neckbeards and they usually live in Neckbeard Nests in their mom’s basement.

Internet tough guy.

Internet tough guy.

Internet tough guys.

Toughest guy on the internet.

Internet tough guys.

Internet tough guy.

Internet tough guy.

Internet tough guy.

Internet tough guys.

Internet tough guy.

Internet tough guys.

Internet tough guy.

Internet tough guy.

Internet tough guys.

Internet tough guy.

Internet tough guys.

Internet tough guy.

Internet tough guys.

Internet tough guy.

Internet tough guy.


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  1. Ese (aka Mark) April 28, 2019

    I want to hire the guy with Bic Blue Ink for protection from the Cholo in the Zoot Suit pictured earlier.

  2. Anonymous April 28, 2019

    The fat guy swinging the machete looks as if he is really i

  3. ED April 28, 2019

    fatty fatty 2 X 4 can’t get out the door so were did get his MAC 10

  4. Anonymous April 28, 2019

    Centuries of inbreeding!

  5. Anonymous April 28, 2019

    For all any of you know each and every one of these dudes could kill you

  6. Anonymous April 28, 2019

    Dudes living their best lives! Good for them.

  7. Anonymous April 28, 2019

    Is behaving like this a side effect of type 2 diabetes?

  8. Anonymous April 28, 2019

    That’s an umbilical cord round the neck for yer.

  9. Anonymous April 28, 2019

    I like that one guy’s shirt:

    “Some people are alive simply because it’s against the law to kill them.”

    The closest thing to wisdom or a brain that any of these guys has.

  10. Anonymous April 28, 2019

    Some of the new White Nationalists?

  11. Anonymous April 28, 2019

    I love the one where there’s a mirror behind the guy and you can see his mom taking the picture.

  12. eswin April 28, 2019

    dork ville

  13. Anonymous April 28, 2019

    Car Struts guy rules .. I don’t know how women can possibly control themselves around him . 🤘 Honestly he is totally the coolest guy on this page .

  14. some guy April 28, 2019

    I’m guessing a good third to half of these are taken from LARP club profiles and aren’t supposed to to be taken seriously. And kudos on the obese guy doing archery, that’ll burn a lot of carbs if he keeps it up. And the guy with the uzi, did he build that?

    The rest of them, hmm.

  15. Anonymous April 28, 2019

    Watches the matrix once…

  16. Nana of 5 April 28, 2019

    Laughing’s okay as you don’t point. What a bunch of moran’s

  17. Anonymous April 28, 2019

    Not a girl in sight

  18. Anonymous April 28, 2019

    For a sec i though i would see myself in those gallery hahahaha yeah i made such pic when i was a teenager, they are embarrassing to see now

  19. Anonymous April 28, 2019

    Why does everyone assume they all live with their parents and that their weapons aren’t real? Hell, I bet the guy with the chain link armor made it himself and sells them at ren fairs for 100s of dollars custom. This seems to be a site dedicated to @holes making it obvious that they make assumptions about any clique but their own. GROW UP.

  20. Anonymous April 28, 2019

    I look at these pictures and see the obvious results of bullying. So let’s make fun of them more, right?

  21. daphne April 28, 2019

    Like I’m the only one who would party with the furry…

  22. Anonymous April 28, 2019

    At least the kid with the broadsword in the snow has the arm muscles to indicate he might have trained with the weapon.

  23. Spike April 28, 2019

    gallery of incels if there ever was one

  24. Anonymous April 28, 2019

    The fat freak with the machete is genuinely terrifying. The rest of these tools would cry if you punch them in the stomach.

  25. Bert Smith April 29, 2019

    Yee gods, they walk among us.

  26. Anonymous April 29, 2019

    Wider than the fitting room door

  27. Doyle April 29, 2019

    White people doing white things.

  28. Anonymous April 29, 2019

    Antifa army.

  29. Frank April 29, 2019

    Bi or curous? 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  30. MRFSSNC April 29, 2019

    Well bless their hearts….

  31. Anonymous April 29, 2019

    That dude with the machete looks sincerely disturbed…

  32. Anonymous April 29, 2019

    These are exactly the kind of sad weirdos who go homicidal at the mere thought of being laughed at…

  33. Minister of Chlorine April 29, 2019

    The gene pool needs bleach.Lots of bleach

  34. Anonymous April 29, 2019

    Mr orange cuffs and kitty ears can get it. My kinda wierdo. <3

  35. Anonymous April 29, 2019

    the INCEL uprising

  36. Me April 29, 2019

    Ummm…yeah. I don’t know. SMH

  37. Sean April 29, 2019

    Shockingly these wouldn’t have been so awkward without such basic photography, no editing, and complete lack of regard towards setting. Ie, not your fkng bedroom or living room!

  38. Anonymous April 29, 2019

    I never saw so many virgins in one place! Hahahahaha!

  39. Anonymous April 29, 2019

    No doubt these guys all go through a ton of … ahem …. hand cream.

    Just sayin …

  40. Anonymous April 29, 2019

    I laugh, but I know back in the day this lot would have been my boys

  41. Anonymous April 29, 2019

    that’s some funny stuff

  42. Anonymous April 29, 2019

    They all but the fatest one have their booger hooks on the bang switch!
    The herd will cul themselves shortly!

  43. Anonymous April 29, 2019

    Weeaboos. Dirty Weeaboos.

  44. Anonymous April 29, 2019

    It’s like someone made a guide on “How to Spot an Incel”… 🤣🤣🤣

  45. Anonymous April 29, 2019

    I’ll never look at fedoras the same again…

  46. Anonymous April 29, 2019

    Looks pretty cool to me! Interesting people living interesting fun lives!

  47. Anonymous April 29, 2019

    Orange Kitty Guy does not belong with the rest of these dinks

  48. Anonymous April 29, 2019

    The guy with the “badass” T-shirt should be thankful for the law, it may be the only reason ~he’s~ alive.

  49. Anonymous April 30, 2019

    Majic marker tatts?

  50. tomka April 30, 2019


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