17 thoughts on “Animals That Just Melted”

  1. Great pictures!! I was lol all by myself. All these animal pics have really uplifted me through out this pandemic. I look forward to tnem!! Thanks!☺

  2. That picture of the chinchilla in its hammock is very concerning. Chinchillas do not do well in heat and judging by how red it’s ears are it’s in physical distress and not posing cutely.

  3. Then I don’t recommend u coming to south Texas …temp 104 with heat index at 107F…I have to bring my poor outside dogs inside the house..

  4. Are you sure that they melted? They may have just had a change in crystal structure and underwent gravity induced plastic deformation!

  5. Heck I’m melting in Alabama. I just imagine what those poor critters are going through. Absolutely adorable though.

  6. What great photos. If you need a laugh, these will brighten your day. Thanks for the adorable photos!😀

  7. these people just took photos of them while they melted, they could have saved them but i think it is too late now… :(

  8. I love theses pics there really helping me through my day I have had a rough time thanks😊

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