13 thoughts on “Tito The Finger-Painting Raccoon”

  1. You have a license for that wild animal ?
    You are sending a bad message to people thinking you can bring these animals into your home and raise them. There are laws.

  2. Do you have a license for that bad attitude ?

    You are sending a bad message to people thinking they can be positive and bring happiness via a pictures that brighten someone’s day. But screw that. Let’s attempt to ruin everyone’s day.

    There are laws about how not to be an A-hole.

  3. 160,000 U.S. citizens are dead as a direct result of Presidential negligence, and this guy’s screaming-furious because the racoon in this feature *might* not have a license. #smh

  4. lol, I don’t think you even need to bring that up, anyone who may attempt to just bring one in from the wild would quickly change their mind…no license needed for dumbassery. In Tito’s case, anyone willing to take the time to raise a baby ‘coon…that’s enough license in my opinion.

  5. And here I was coming to the comment section to ponder what’s being done with the proceeds and how much people are paying for these. Be a great way to raise money for an animal sanctuary. If that’s where the money were going, I’d totally buy and frame one of these.

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