10 thoughts on “Baby Pooping Faces”

  1. Can we agree that loving babies doesn’t mean that we have to lie about all babies being beautiful?

  2. So, the pic with the tatted-up baby daddy… Did he try to huff a dirty diaper???? What is wrong with his face?????????????

  3. Seriously though, did the baby daddy try to stich up his own punched-in coke nose? It looks like he injected Krokodil to numb the pain before he started stitching up. No way he can smell that baby’s diaper over stench of rotting sinus tissue inside his own nasal cavity. A full diaper is the least of that baby’s problems.

  4. Seriously lol are we that obsessed with babies that we even find the disgusting poop face as cute lol we sure are nuts over babies because we wouldn’t think adults making those faces as cute….lol!

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