19 thoughts on “Cats That Think They Are Penguins”

  1. When they gain opposable thumbs and the requisite dexterity, we humans will be in deeper doo doo than we already are.

  2. See, no-one has a problem with a cat pretending it’s a penguin if that’s what it wants to do. By all means folks will address it as a ‘penguin’ if that makes it happy (it will probably help if it has made some effort to look like a penguin)

    They DO have a problem if it becomes a legal requirement to call it a penguin and let it into penguin-only spaces, especially when it still has fur rather than feathers, claws rather than flippers, and teeth rather than a beak

  3. Whoโ€™s to say that penguins donโ€™t imitate cats! I mean, cats are so smart and penguins may be trying to be more like cats because they know how much love our cats receive and they want some, too!

  4. I think cats are absolutely wonderful when they sit or stand like that. I really wish my cat would sit or stand like that,

  5. Love the picture s of the standing and upright sitting cats. Natural evolution will have them walking upright with us soon! Can’t wait!!๐Ÿ˜Š

  6. Nice to see that someone took a harmless thread of cat pictures as his invitation to proselytize his ugly political views onto the rest of us. But hey, colour me convinced: After reading this guy’s turgid, bile-soaked nonsense, I’ve realized that I’m *completely* wrong about gender identity, and will henceforth adopt and espouse the exact opposite of the view I had before now. Because that happens.

  7. JK, you are so right about that. Some cats who are carnivorous and prefer delicious poultry, could start saying they’re penguins to get into penguin only places!

  8. What do you mean – start saying? They’ve been quietly infiltrating themselves into the penguin rank and file for years now. The reason all these penguins are endangered is due to cats in penguin form snatching them for dinner. Haven’t you heard about the bird devastation by cats. Well, those are all penguin cats.

  9. Zeph – I’m sure that would never happen. Cats that want to prey on delicious young penguins are simply not known for being extremely sneaky and deceitful in that way!

    Mind you, if they were we’d need to have a sensible, adult conversation about how to protect penguins (while being as nice as possible to the tiny number of cats who genuinely identify as penguins, of course).

  10. Mine goes between looking like a Penguin and looking like a Meercat. Lol But these are GORGEOUS! ๐Ÿ˜

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