Meet The New Russian Environmental Protection Mascot!

Meet Khokhulya (before it meets you, in your worst nightmares) – the new environmental mascot of the Ministry of Environemnt of the Kaluga region, Russia. This creepy creature appears at exhibitions, children’s events and in the streets of the region. The mascot promotes careful attitude to the nature while looking like something that came out of a fever dream.

He will eat your face.

Khokhulya is supposed to be an oversized and anthropomorphized Russian desman – a semi-aquatic mole species similar in size and lifestyle to the common muskrat. Should you find yourself wandering the highways and byways in Kaluga region, keep an eye out for Khokhulya, and keep your other eye on your radiation monitor, because there’s no way this nightmare-inducing creature haven’t crawled out from some radioactive waste dump.

He will eat your soul.

Mascot from hell.

Russian mascot from hell.

Creepy mascot.

He will invade USA.

Mole from hell.

Meanwhile in Russian schools...

Hi, kids!

He's laughing at your pain.

Russian mascot that will eat you alive.

Only in Russia...

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8 thoughts on “Meet The New Russian Environmental Protection Mascot!”

  1. So , just to be clear , this scary animal is the mascot used for public outreach by the companies intent on loosening environmental protection laws and destroying nature where these wild animals live !

  2. hes not there to teach kids about the environment, hes there to scare off anyone who tries to hurt the environment lol

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