The Funniest Tweets About Dogs (Part 2)

Parents love to talk about their kids, and that also includes dog parents. But can you really blame them? Dogs aren’t only adorable but also endlessly entertaining and funny. Whether you own one yourself or know someone who does it’s likely you’ve witnessed a series of comedic stunts (mostly accidental) by these four-legged clowns. Also don’t forget to check Part 1.

*wife from the next room* "I hope you haven't spent all your months wages on something expensive and unnecessary again" Me:

“I know you think you’re being funny, but honestly Dave, it’s just hurtful.”

The fun part of dog ownership is that every now and then they'll start acting funny and the cure will either be that they need to take a dump or have a $3000 surgery and you just get to guess which one you're dealing with.

40% of my wife and I's conversations go like this: me: what? wife: i was talking to the dog

doggo went under for surgery and now he is DRUGGO

Please respect "beware of the dog" signs - it can literally save your life.

The vet has described my dachshund as "smart," "handsome," and "manipulative."

My dog sighs a lot for someone who doesn't contribute to this house and doesn't know what a government is.

Didn't know which stick was thrown. Played it safe.

owning a dog or cat is weird when you think about it.. "lol what if i spent thousands of dollars in food and medical bills so that a tiny idiot can live in my house for 15 years"

So my dog has a closet for all of his neck ties and bow ties

On my flight today I woke up from a nap & an attendant was walking down the aisle holding a pug, saying “we found this pug. Whose pug is this??” And for 3 hours we all just took turns holding the mystery pug until a verrrry stoned man in the last row woke up & was like “Roscoe?!”


Taught my dog this new trick...

Look what this idiot got himself into this morning.

My dog proudly presented me with my own half eaten sock like a trophy of what a mighty hunter he is.


90% of dog ownership is telling your dog you’re not letting them out because you just let them out and then letting them out

Bad news: I accidentally washed a nice wool shirt that I really loved and it shrunk a LOT Good news:

me: *reading funny tweets out loud*
me: *shines phone light in my dog's face*
me: "Ok good ur still up, listen to this one"

Purebread dogs vs. inbread dogs

Until you have a dog you don't understand what could be eaten.

When someone tells me they aren't a dog person, all I hear is blah, blah, blah, I'm a psychopath.

If you liked these tweets, don’t forget to check Part 1 too.

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