The Funniest Tweets About Dogs

Hilarious selection of brilliant tweets that every dog owner will be able to relate to. Scroll down and enjoy!




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  1. He Who Must Not Be Named June 18, 2019

    we dont deserve dogs…

  2. puppylover October 7, 2020

    dear he must not be named, YES WE DO!!!
    (p.s., are you talking about Voldemort when you say you are he who must not be named?)

  3. That one person... February 26, 2021

    Hey he who must not be named long time no chat, how’s it goin?
    (puppy lover there was also a she who must not be named who may be his sis/ gf /creepy fan but honestly I don’t know about the Voldemort thing)

  4. Anonymous September 10, 2021

    We deserve dogs. Dogs are a man’s best friend. Dogs love people. Only get one though if you are a good dog owner and not a mean one though.

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