The Funniest Tweets About Dogs

Few weeks ago we posted a funny selection of brilliant tweets about cats. Now let’s take a look at hilarious tweets that every dog owner will be able to relate to!

When ur human says "who's a good boy" and u already know it's u

Dog people vs. cat people.

When you lied on your job application about having previous sheepdog experience...

I swear I think I just captured my dog figuring out that I'm pregnant. He's pissed

Every time I take my dog for a walk she has to stop to see her crush. It's like Romeo and Juliet

When you come from work and everything seems perfectly fine in the house, but your dog has this look on it's face...

Dog got a haircut and now he looks like he gave up drinking.

did...did he make the sign?

This guy got on the bus and just stared at me and Lulabelle on my lap for a solid 30 seconds then goes “are you allowed to have dogs on the bus” and I just shrugged thinking he was gonna give me shit or something but then he pulls out a chihuahua out of nowhere

I love overhearing dog owners talking to their dogs

Her: my eyes are up here...

Interviewer: u worked in sales before?

Me to my parents: "see ya later"...

I hide photos on my computer of me petting animals at the zoo in a file named FIREWORKS AND VACUUMS so my dog won't find them.

Hi, I spend 3 minutes every day choosing a TV channel to leave on for my dog, then I go to work and people take me seriously as an adult.

(We recently neutered our dog.)

Relationship status: just tried to reach for my dog's paw and he pulled it away so I pretended I was reaching for the remote.

me examining my dogs poop everyday: hmm you might need a better balance of nutrients lets get u on some supplements and up your water intake

I hate going to the dog park because I have to watch my dog be better at making friends than me

Every morning i ask my dog “the usual?” Before pouring his food in his bowl and neither of us thinks its funny

In 34 years I've said I love you to two women and every dog I've ever seen.

These two dogs just started barking at my dog and I couldn't let my boi be outnumbered so I started barking too

Just heard a guy at the dog park tell his dog "NO!" and then more quietly, "We talked about this!"

6 thoughts on “The Funniest Tweets About Dogs”

  1. The file hiding thing is idiotic. Also, dogs don’t need tv. I don’t need tv, I prefer books. Give to dog books, they’ll enjoy ripping them apart, I do.

  2. good for u student, if my dog were to sit one me my rib cage would collapse. all and all, 100/100, perfect doggos

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