Blinker Fluid Is Now a Real Thing!

Don’t drive another mile without first refilling your car’s blinker fluid! This maximum strength blinker fluid is good for up to 6,000 blinks and is compatible with all makes and models. Best of all, the ample 8-ounce bottle can be used for storage once it’s all used up!

Blinker fluid.

Seriously, though, what is blinker fluid? Literally nothing. It’s not a real thing. Neither is tail light or headlight fluid. There’s a joke where a person asks someone who doesn’t know cars that well to get blinker fluid and they actually look for it and make a fool out of themselves. The blinker fluid featured in this post is actually an empty 8 oz (240 ml) bottle so if you choose to buy it, you’re literally paying for nothing.

Blinker fluid.

Where to buy blinker fluid? You can get it on Amazon if you feel like wasting money on stupid stuff today.

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  1. I guess it would make a good gift for people who don’t indicate but they might not get the hint.

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