Funny Socks With Brutally Honest Messages

Blue Q is a company that makes socks that bring joy to your feet, one funny and very honest saying at a time. You’ve never seen curse word socks this cute. Scroll down for our favorites!

People I want to meet.

Socks for delicate flowers.

I heard you.

This meeting is bullshit.

I'm not gonna lie...

One more episode.

I don't care.

A-holes everywhere.

Sure I'm listening...

F off, I'm reading.

Stop talking.

Killin' it.

Great advice.

F this s.

The universe is kind of a dick.

My cat is so cool.

Dad jokes are awesome.

I hate everyone too.

Olympic long sleeper.


I love my job.

If this is something you see yourself wearing, check out Blue Q socks on Amazon. They have all these and then some.

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