10 thoughts on “Mullets of Walmart”

  1. These unbalanced hairCUTS are bad enough, but I’m more shocked with how overweight / obese the people are ! Count how many. I’m 40lbs too much! (But,it’s a medical thing.) For now..
    Why do I feel that they’re in the Southern states?

    I live in Canada : Quebec. Only low class people here still wear this..”style”.. it says that they don’t want to grow up,that this cut still makes them look “ Kewl”.Relevant.
    I’ve never seen ANYBODY at both Walmarts here with this. Been to Walmart 1000+ times,too.
    There are hardly any heavy or fat out of shape people anywhere, here.No wonder there’s so many people sick in the USA. The garbage they eat..It shows!! It KILLS. There’s a part of northern Japan,where heart attacks and strokes never occur!! Check out their diet…

    I feel bad writing this:
    I went to Vermont for a day with friends. My first time. They called Plattsburgh “Fatsburgh” !!
    I couldn’t believe it. Wait and see the fat women,they said. Well….in five minutes there were three around me,in the store. All 18 to 24,I’d say. Huge. Size 18..24…26. What a shock. It hurt me..for them,for they were such truly good looking and real country beauties.
    I hope this will resonate with someone there.

    Btw,I simply adore a Punk Mohican cut…its great to be wild,when you’re young,eh!
    Thank You for listening…..


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