Irresistible Homemade Caesar Salad Recipe

How to make delicious caesar salad at home? It’s actually really easy. You have probably heard the saying “any salad can be a caesar salad if you stab it enough”. It’s actually true. What you will need to impress your dinner guests: large mixing bowl, lettuce, 5-10 large knives, caesar salad dressing (picture provided at the end of this post). Croutons and parmesan cheese are optional, you can make awesome caesar salad without them.

Caesar salad recipe.

Step 1: Take one large salad mixing bowl and put lettuce in it.
Step 2: Stab the hell out of it. Leave the knives in.
Step 3: Stab 1 bottle of caesar salad dressing. Leave the knife in.
Step 4: Pour some caesar salad dressing out of the stab wound into the stabbed lettuce.

Homemade caesar salad.

Sure, you can make your own caesar salad dressing, but we suggest that you just go to your local grocery store and buy the cheapest dressing available. The brand really doesn’t matter – stabbing it with a sharp knife in the back of the bottle is all that matters:

Caesar salad dressing.

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