Canadians Are Weird…

There are two kinds of people in this world that I have met: Canadians and those who aren’t Canadians YET.

Like what you see? Become a Canadian instantly!

8 thoughts on “Canadians Are Weird…”

  1. Imagine if we lived in a world where this “weirdly nice” stuff was … NORMAL.

  2. I came to Canada from Eastern Europe fifty seven years ago. I wouldn’t trade Canada for any country. My parents and sister also came to Canada at the same time, however, they moved to US several years later. They did well financially. I still remember talking to their neighbours and they were all white. The only people of different race were gardeners and cleaning women. Meanwhile, my neighbours in Toronto were Jamaicans whose little girl I used to babysit. One moment that has stayed with me was in Illinois, after my parents passed away and I had to clean and prep the house for sale. I was cutting grass when a Mexican man approached me to tell it was not a job suitable for woman. They were cutting grass few doors away. Bloody hell, I’ll cut grass as long as I can. At present I cannot be happier when I see what is happening south of the border. Canada is my home and birthplace of my children!

  3. And I’m proud to be a Canadian
    Because at least I’m not down there.
    With a tantrum throwing President
    and his Day-Glow orange hair
    And I can take living next to you
    Just keep your gun totin’ Jesus away
    ‘Cuz there ain’t no doubt
    You’ve lost your minds
    God Help the USA!

  4. Thank you, Anonymous, for your ‘proud to be a Canadian’ lyrics.
    – One of your neighbors to the south

  5. Was born in Canada and now have a summer residence there. Live south of the border but cannot access our property!!!

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