“Meanwhile In Canada” Photos That Perfectly Sum Up Canada

Most of the world associate Canada with maple syrup, niceness, and more maple syrup. But the truth is… not that different, actually. Below, we’ve gathered some of the funniest photos that sum up exactly what it’s like to live in Canada.

Canadian vandalism.

Canadian hotels.

Meanwhile in Canada...

Only in Canada...

Canadian security.

Canadian MAGA hat.

Your mom is nice lady.

Canadian wages.

Canadian parking ticket.

Canadian lost-and-found.

Theft in Canada.

Canadian police clash with citizens.

Canadians vs. anti-vaxxers.

Canadian gun control.

Canadian parking.

Canadian road rage.

Canadian riot.

Canadian news.

Canadian selfie.

Canadian skatepark.

Canadian archeology.

Canadian physics.

Canadian beach.

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16 thoughts on ““Meanwhile In Canada” Photos That Perfectly Sum Up Canada”

  1. The Canadian riot reminds me of the Moira protest on Schitt’s Creek. “That wasn’t very nice!” “We’re really unhappy with you, Moira!”

  2. Also Canada: Arrest truckers for honking, call people singing in the public square “terrorists,” arrest and harass pastors for holding church services, Justin Trudeau.

  3. If you’ve got a problem with Canada gooses, you’ve got a problem with me. And I suggest you let that one marinate a bit…

  4. First off, the plural of “goose” is “geese.” Second, the sponsored link for the product on Amazon is currently unavailable. Those are my nitpicks. Having said all of that, I am now inspired to play “God’s Gift to us is Canadian Girls” by the band Omar Goodness. Good song.

  5. Canadians are just the nicest people! I think it’s the water; especially after it’s been made into beer.

  6. These are only funny because so many of them are so far off target. I’m glad people think we’re polite and non-confrontational, but like most stereotypes, these “truths” only go so far.

  7. I’ve always wanted to stroke a moose’s nose; they look so soft.

    Off to hum the “Royal Canadian Kilted Yaksmen” song.

  8. Best Canada Goose cooking method.

    Put a brick inside the goose, over cook at 200 for 40min/kg, remove from the oven and check it’s cooked, throw away the goose and eat the brick.

  9. I was so lucky to have lived in Canada. The people are kind, friendly, helpful and fun. You have Tim Hortons ( we have Timmy’s in the UK now, but there are no breakfast biscuits, sacrilege) you have bears, wolves, moose, mountain lion. You have mountains and lakes, seas and forests.
    You have beautiful summers, spectacular autumn and the snowiest, coldest winters I’ve ever tried to survive. You have the best ice hockey teams, and Mounties (well c’mon, Mounties 💕💕) if I could live there again I would in a heartbeat ❤️🇨🇦

  10. I’m a Canadian who has lived in San Diego for almost 20 years.
    Best I can say about California is the weather is nice.
    Best I can say about Canada? There’s not enough room on the page.

  11. The DQ in our town had a similar setup during Covid, and it drove me nuts. If they would just have mounted the card reader on the other side of the stick, so the card slot was at an easier angle, it worked have worked so much better for those times when Tap decided not to work…

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