Artist Creates Wearable Workarounds For “Hostile Architecture”

If you liked bean bag onesie, you’ll love this. Artist Sarah Ross has created clothing she calls Archisuits that are a hilarious and pointed look at soft bodies in hard spaces – all the ways the built environment is a mismatch for human needs. Just think about it – we have hostile architecture all around us! For example benches that are designed to discourage sleeping, pausing, leisure:

Clothing that fights architecture.

Seen next to this one, the other models reveal similar structures made to evade human contact of all kinds:

Clothing that fights architecture.

Clothing that fights architecture.

Clothing that fights architecture.

Where to buy these? Nowhere. Archisuits are just an art project, they are not for sale, so you’ll have to keep suffering forever.


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  1. Flinky BoogleBlosh January 14, 2022

    Very blessed, but do these work with those anti homeless spikes and such?

  2. Wung FlungBunger January 15, 2022

    Mr Flinky makes a very valid point.

  3. Sponge DingFlap January 16, 2022

    These people have strange names.

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