Couple Recreates “Alien” Birth Scene For Maternity Photo Shoot

Some couples feel like traditional pregnancy photos are too boring. That’s why British Columbia-based couple Nicole and Todd Cameron staged a photoshoot straight out of the movie “Alien”…



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  1. Ridley Scott... Ruined Alien March 24, 2019

    It looked so normal-cheesy at first. The shot of “dad” running after “baby” made me laugh out loud.

  2. Anonymous June 3, 2020

    That was too much!! Sick people!

  3. MidnightStar July 30, 2020


  4. dragomir October 22, 2020

    love it

  5. That one person... February 26, 2021

    didn’t need to see that though

  6. Right now baby I’m torn March 8, 2021

    Cool and gross

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