38 thoughts on “People With Really Unfortunate Names”

  1. Yeah, some of these I know are fake. They gave ‘funny’ names to reporters, who just reported them as fact.

  2. My wife’s friend knew a gynecologist by the name of Harold Beaver. She asked him if he ever considered changing his name. His response? “Why would I?” LOL

  3. Wildlife officer on news report about a bear in a home swimming pool (this is Canada, eh) was named Paul Lebruin

  4. Janet Uppissass
    Olga Fokyercelf
    And thousands of others from National Moon’s Yearbook.

  5. My daughters first teacher was called Miss Shufflebottom, she just got used to her name and we moved.

  6. Massimiliano Fuksas (born January 9, 1944) is an Italian architect. He is the head of Studio Fuksas.

  7. The three officials in the Agricultural Advisory Service of my town have the surnames (in my language) Corn, Cloud and Worm.

  8. In Florida, there is a Dr. Fingerer. And a patient I just heard today, Teriyaki Berry.

  9. There is an actual person from NL named Fokje Modderman, pronounced as F*ck Ye Mother Man.

  10. In court reports of an habitual small-time offender with the name Gaylord Meatface.
    No wonder, poor bugger.

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