Cats Being Abducted by UFOs

It’s a little-known but well-documented fact that each year thousands of cats are getting abducted by aliens. Featured below is a photo proof: a gallery of cats being beamed up into UFOs. Why the government is not doing anything about this, we have no idea…

Cat being abducted by aliens.


Cat being beamed up into UFO.

Beam me up, Scotty!

Cat leaving the planet.

Cat beaing beamed up into mothership.

Cats being abducted by aliens.

Cat abduction caught on camera.

Cat being abducted by aliens.

This cat is leaving the planet.

Cats leaving the planet.

Cat being beamed up by an alien spaceship.

Cat being abducted by aliens.

Cat leaving the planet Earth.

Kittens being abducted by aliens.

Cat being beamed up into UFO.

Cats leaving the planet.

Poor cat being abducted by an alien spaceship.

Cat being sucked into alien spaceship.

This cat is leaving the planet.

Cat being abducted by UFO.

Cat being abducted by aliens.



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  1. Hornblat December 27, 2018

    Cat Rapture , so cute !

    Good luck down there in Cat Heaven .

  2. Anonymous December 27, 2018

    invisible bicycle!

  3. Anonymous December 27, 2018

    Kitty free fall

  4. Anonymous January 4, 2019

    they truly are being ubducted.

  5. Anonymous January 5, 2019

    My favorites are the cats being abducted while other cats watch.

  6. Anonymous January 8, 2019

    The World will be a better place without them. Thank you, Space Aliens.

  7. Anonymous January 8, 2019

    That last cat is the cat of the “Invisible Bike” meme. Seeing that image 10+ years ago, before the internet was flooded with text superimposed over images, is a memory that sticks with me to this day. In context, one of the funniest things I’d ever seen.

  8. Anonymous January 9, 2019

    This looks like in many of the photos the cat has been thrown. If so this is disgusting.

  9. Anonymous January 9, 2019

    Agree with last commenter, looks like cats getting thrown. Not good.

  10. Anonymous January 14, 2019

    Last two commenters clearly have not seen cats jump.

  11. Anonymous January 14, 2019

    Only the first cat looks like it’s being thrown. Its face says: dude, I was sleeping!

  12. Anonymous January 19, 2019

    I’ve had cats my whole life, been around lots of friend’s cats and a few of these definitely look like they’re being thrown. Makes it hard to appreciate the hilarious ones.

  13. Astrid Watanabe January 21, 2019

    At first I laughed, but then I looked again, and I see in most of the pictures the cat was thrown.
    Cats do dance, leap, do aikido, and do funny outrageous things, but it is very hard to catch the moment on a picture. They also suffer a lot of abuse by insensitive or cruel people.

  14. Abby Bilger January 24, 2019

    I agree with most of u. Throwing cats is just cruel and u should stop posting this kind of stuff.

  15. Anonymous February 5, 2019

    You can clearly tell the cats that were thrown by the position of their bodies in the air. Not cool.

  16. Slippery Slope April 10, 2019

    I’ve also heard that some people throw babies in the air. This is probably how they start… today cats, tomorrow babies, and what next… paraplegics??? I say anyone that throws anything at all should be arrested immediately. We see you, baseball players!!!!

  17. Anonymous April 18, 2019

    Computer animation to blink out the person holding the cat as well as a picture of a cat being held up by a string. If it were truly happening, the chances of getting a picture are slim to none.

  18. Pippa f November 5, 2019

    This is cruel and terrifying for these poor cats obviously being catapaulted into the air by some stupid moron of a human being.. for heavens sake stop it.. it is not amusing in any way. In fact quite rhe opposite…

  19. Anonymous December 13, 2019

    My cat was really abducted one second he was looking at me the next he was gone just vanished into thin air. I still don’t believe taken right from my own living room. That was six weeks ago

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