26 thoughts on “Cats Being Called Back To Their Mothership”

  1. I’m offended by this! (…I’m not really, not even a little; it’s hilarious. But the comment section felt weird without this one in it sonewhere.)

  2. Shoot.Too many of these are cats being thrown by people,and too high up.I hope none of the cats were hurt.

  3. Cat people have known cats were aliens for a long time. Why it has taken other people so long to realize it is a mystery to me.

  4. funny how all the complainers are anonymous – leads me to believe they’re either trolls or just whiny sissies that have never owned a cat (or maybe have only owned an old lazy cat) cuz everyone else knows cats jump up way high all the time, so those of you who are suggesting those cats were abused, that’s what is on YOUR mind, and you’re probably the type of person who would abuse an animal… the rest of us know these are all photos that were taken at just the right moment, capturing cat flight perfectly..

  5. People who say the cats were abused obviously never owned a cat! All cat owners experience the hilarity that is cats going mental while playing. Bravo to the photographers who captured their craziness at the right moment 🤣

  6. Pebbles left and came back. I think she leaves often and returns. She’s out looking for water!!

  7. Furwell hoomans! Furwell erfbound cats! I will miss you, but I am leaving nao! C u… next taim… I… refurn 2 erf…

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