25 thoughts on “Hamster Pancakes”

  1. I LOVE HAMSTERS! Our hamster Loui was 50% cuteness, 50% peaceful, while Cookie was 20% cuteness, 80% evil ( he LOVED biting fingers )

  2. This makes me happy cause they’re cute but my own hamster died about a month ago. Just can’t stop thinking about her

  3. Don’t hamsters pancake out of stress as they are trying to be smaller? I honestly don’t remember.

  4. Oh and also hamster a solitary. Dwarfs can be in groups of two and maybe the hamsters are babies but I dunno. Seems kinda sketch.

  5. Omg they r so cute. How come my own hamsters is aggressive and evil?. Whenever I feed them food by my hand. The first bite always my finger and not the food.

  6. My hamster Cottontail is 98 percent EVIL and 2 percent cute. She loves to bite fingers.😈

  7. OMG! They’re adorable! But if I saw one lying flat on the couch like that I would be afraid I sat on him.

  8. My two alhamsters are Marshmelli and Liz ,Liz is a dawrf hamster and she is 10% cuteness and 90% craziness but Marshmello she us a teddy bear hamster and she is 70% nicenes and 30% funniest♡

  9. What do Hamsters do?
    Can’t bark to warn you.
    Can’t go for a walk.
    Can’t kiss & lick you.
    Can’t go to door to pee.
    Can’t chase squirrels.
    Can’t go shop with you.
    Do they make noise?


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