4 thoughts on “Funny And Very Relatable Tweets About College”

  1. I once visited a friend in an American college. It was the end of the year and they celebrated by bar-crawling around the campus. It was the most disgusting experience I ever took part in. In some point, between the third or fourth bar (around noon), a mother with a small child saw the commotion and tools her daughter away from the drunk crowd. To which one of the young men started screaming at her: „what are you afraid of? The people you see here are the future leaders of the world„. He wasn’t wrong, you‘ve probably seen him on the news more than once since that event.

  2. Those who can’t do, teach.
    Those who cannot teach, teach college.
    Those who cannot teach college, have tenure.

  3. I remember my freshman year and being utterly mystified by the students on my dorm floor who seemed to do nothing but party and/or walk around in their pajamas. I was later demystified when those kids were not invited to remain at the school the following year.

    I learned an invaluable lesson about consequences and swore to never wear pajamas again.


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