15 thoughts on “Awkward Prom Photos: An Embarrassing Reminder”

  1. The last photo- you just know that he’s still doing time and she’s never been seen after prom night.

  2. There is no time in a personā€˜s life more embarrassing than their teenage. I mean, most of us keep on getting more and more embarrassing the older we get. But once you need to pay your own bills and take care of a family you are just too busy, stressed and exhausted to reflect on how uncomfortable you are with your own reflection.

  3. The goth couple with the background: Good looking kids with well done clothes and makeup.

  4. What’s with all the shirtless bros pictures? Never recalled something like that at my prom? Too weird.

  5. I love the two dweebs who got the keys to their cousin’s Cutlass for the evening. They think they’re gonna rule the prom.

    And the one of Sam Kinison as Prom Undertaker.

    And the timelessness of poor choices of youth.

  6. I’m appalled. Simply appalled. Well…except, maybe for that one that looks like a college wrestling team in black yoga pants.

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