8 thoughts on “Unrelated Movies Described With The Same Sentence”

  1. There’s also this one (from a grad student film/pizza event 20+ years back): “Where the Protagonist Gets His Instructions From a Talking Dog” — “Summer of Sam” + “Babe”.

  2. “Strong Black Mother …” I haven’t seen the film, but I’m pretty darn sure Sigourney Weaver isn’t Black. 🤨

  3. The comparison is that the ‘alien’ is a super strong shiny black mother alien and its egg babies are being searched for and destroyed by humans to stop the alien species rising up and taking over. The aliens like the use the humans as fertilisers so killing them all is deemed ok.
    Very much like modern leadership really.

  4. The “main character turns blue” could include that it’s a James Cameron movie.

    The Tom Hanks (not Tom Hank) one also applies to Sully. A threefer!

    Likewise, the cowboy vs. alien also applies to Nope.

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