The Testicuzzi Is a Battery Powered Mini Jacuzzi For Your Balls

There are times when your body needs a jacuzzi after long day of hard laborious work, and then there are times when your balls need a good jacuzzi session after getting hit by a baseball, an accidental kick from a kid, or long bike ride. Testicuzzi is the perfect product for such situations. It’s a tiny (no offense) jacuzzi meant specifically for your a set of balls to placed in for a nice relaxing spa session.

Testicuzzi ball jacuzzi.

The Testicuzzi comes in two different versions, one that’s battery powered, and will actually bow bubbles under your balls for the ultimate relaxation, and there’s a version that’s not powered, though you can use a straw to blow bubbles manually. We are going to go ahead and forget about the second version because that’s just weird, and focus solely on the battery operated version from here on out. As if a ball jacuzzi wasn’t weird enough, now we’re introducing straws that connect to your mouth? No thanks!

Testicuzzi ball jacuzzi.

To use the Testicuzzi, just place fill it up with warm water, place your balls inside, and turn it on. It’ll then start to blob bubbles under your balls, and relieve any pain that might have been introduced to them throughout the day. What’s the best part? A nice soft pillow for your member to lay on while your balls are inside the tub.

Testicuzzi ball jacuzzi.

The balls hot tub comes in a few different color options and finishes to choose from, including a jet black edition with a red member pillow, a white edition with a black member pillow, along with the ultra-rare 14k gold plate limited edition Testicuzzi for when you want to really treat your balls to pure luxury.

Testicuzzi ball jacuzzi.

We weren’t able to find this wonderful device listed on Amazon, so you’ll have to go directly to manufacturer’s website to order it. It will cost you $69.69 (lol, nice) which is not cheap, but your balls deserve the best, right?

10 thoughts on “The Testicuzzi Is a Battery Powered Mini Jacuzzi For Your Balls”

  1. good to see that a cut of the proceeds go to some Testicular Cancer Foundation, as this device WILL poach your balls

  2. My old ones need a deeper bath. I use a spatula to keep them from getting wet when I “sit and deliver”

  3. But Hold Everything!!!! IF YOU ACT RIGHT NOW… You can get 2 for the price of 1! So you can send it to your best buddy so his balls can be in comfort too!

  4. Do they make one for the johnson?
    Sincerely Frank A. Burtson
    Age 84
    Hometown Chatanooga OK


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