The Weird World of Synthol Bodybuilders

These pictures are not photoshopped. Instead of working out and taking steroids like everyone else, these guys decided to skip that and inject their bodies with Synthol instead. What is Synthol? It’s a mixture of oils injected into muscles to increase the size or change the shape. It helps to to mimic the appearance of developed muscle where it may otherwise be disproportionate or lacking. Also it’s incredibly dangerous so don’t try this at home!

Synthol overload.

Synthol overload.

Synthol overload.

Synthol overload.

Synthol freaks.

Synthol overload.

Synthol overload.

Synthol overload.

Synthol overload.

Synthol overload.

Synthol overload.

Synthol overload.

Synthol overload.

Synthol overload.

Synthol overload.

Synthol overload.

Synthol overload.

Synthol overload.

Synthol overload.

Synthol overload.



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  1. Oh my sweet Jesus! June 3, 2019

    The vanity and stupidity of people has no limits.

  2. Anonymous June 3, 2019

    Those aren’t muscles.

  3. Anonymous June 3, 2019

    So grotesque 🤮🤮🤮!!!! Get yer arses into the gym and build it naturally like so many others!!! You lot belong in a freak show!!! 👍🏼

  4. TP June 3, 2019

    Such sad and pathetic men. Unnatural muscles so out of proportion that it is gross.

  5. Anonymous June 3, 2019


  6. Anonymous June 3, 2019

    Those “muscles” look like legit tumors.

  7. Anonymous June 3, 2019

    So gross

  8. Anonymous June 3, 2019

    That’s great, at least until a friend needs help moving a piano…

  9. Anonymous June 3, 2019

    Do they not own mirrors or see how ridiculous others look before they do this? They must have some screwed up heads to think this looks good.

  10. Micko June 3, 2019

    They became a polypore

  11. Anonymous June 3, 2019

    This is horrifying.

  12. Anonymous June 3, 2019

    I want to see a follow-up of them in five years, like to know where that crap has shifted to.

  13. SETMP June 3, 2019

    That is a sad indictment of humanity in 2019. Big muscled bodybuilder types (even when they are real) are a bit gross never mind these inflated arm bands and breasts. I struggle to understand how empty these peoples lives must be to think this is a good idea.

  14. Anonymous June 3, 2019

    Too many steroids gross!

  15. Eileen June 3, 2019

    So gross

  16. Pete June 3, 2019

    Weak as piss !! No commitment, no ability, no work ethic…..Just a bunch of show ponies

  17. Anonymous June 3, 2019


  18. Ann Nonimous June 3, 2019

    grotesque…. moobs

  19. Anonymous June 3, 2019

    They look ill. Like they have tumours growing all over the place. What is with the area on either side of the neck? Who wants that?

  20. Strong Not Buff June 3, 2019

    I would happily get in the ring with ANY of these guys, and I am an average build dude.

  21. kris jenner June 3, 2019

    boobs bigger that kim kardashian lmao

  22. DD June 4, 2019

    Disgusting and scary.

  23. Robert June 5, 2019

    LOL!!! Albert Einstein said “There are only two things without limits, the universe and human stupidity. I’m not absolutely certain about the first.”

  24. Anonymous June 5, 2019

    Tragic! No steroids, no gym, it’s synthol pumped under the skin.
    Dying in agony…

  25. Normal June 5, 2019

    Scary and gross

  26. Anonymous June 5, 2019

    These pics are unintentionally hilarious.

  27. Anonymous June 5, 2019

    Disgusting! More examples of people who are going to drop dead before their time. ]:

  28. Anonymous June 8, 2019

    Toxic… Not good…

  29. Anonymous June 9, 2019

    It’s mental illness, like any other OCD. Breast enlargement, tattooing of the body, fake hair, fake nails, etc. They need therapy to get over it.

  30. Anonymous June 11, 2019

    It is clearly a result of a mental disorder, more precisely the Body Dysmorphic Disorder

  31. fish June 29, 2019

    Ew, just ew.

  32. Anonymous July 5, 2019

    Absolutely disgusting 🤢

  33. No-one January 12, 2020

    To quote Rick James: Synthol is a hell of a drug!

  34. Anonymous February 4, 2020

    I wonder how many people who are afraid to hurt their feelings unknowingly perpetuate their addiction. I even wonder if I would be able to tell them the truth, since I believe that people must get to know someone to earn the right to criticize. These people are human beings, they have dignity and should be treated respectfully.

  35. Dante October 11, 2020

    Yeah dude….I will never get this….likeeeeee…..what’s going on in there brains? The most unnatural , unattractive both visually and personality wise it shows these guys are not true men or body builders….This IS weird……one of the guys lol the guy with the head band he looks like he has perfect breasts (like a woman’s) These types bring shame to all true bodybuilders and users of true Anabolic steroids ! We don’t need any more bad rap and these types are surely making the uneducated masses think this is steroids when it’s just not …instead of muscles they have skin filled with oil I’m disgusted …seriously I would tell this to these guys faces to

  36. average guy March 10, 2021


  37. Anonymous March 18, 2021

    This is a bigger laugh than botched plastic surgery!. Utterly repulsive to look at

  38. Boy Unção April 23, 2021

    Isso não é músculo, é vaidade.

  39. Anonymous May 22, 2021

    What the hell is 15 doing injecting more of that awful stuff??)

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