This Toy Lets You Pop Pimples For Fun

No matter how much you think you understand people, they will always surprise you. This time someone has made Spot Popper – a chunk of fake skin dotted with several pores, each of which is filled with simulated pus you can squeeze out. Sounds something like you’d love to do for fun, right?

Pimple popping toy in action.

The company that makes it says that it helps to relieve stress and that “popping of a huge pimple and it can help us relax ourselves and throw the pressure away”, but we think that they are full of shit and are actually making and selling this gross thing to laugh at dumb people who throw their hard-earned money at it. Kinda similar to the guys behind Stressticles squeezable anti-stress balls.

Pimple popping toy in action.

You can make the fake pus at home from a mixture of beeswax and olive oil. Once you’ve squeezed out all the pus, you can refill it countless times which makes it a pretty cheap hobby. Even if you blow through a bottle a day, it shouldn’t strain your budget too much. Alternatively, you can just grow pimples on your face – that’s completely free.

Pimple popping toy in action.

As disgusting as all this might seem, it actually makes sense why pimple popping has become so popular. Squeezing out a big red whopper on your nose is inherently satisfying, and the science backs it up. According to neuroscientist Heather Berlin, our brains reward us with dopamine for expunging a zit. We can’t be sure though how much of Heather’s statement is an actual science, and how much of it is just her trying to justify her sick fetish.

Pimple popping toy in action.

So that’s Spot Popper in action. We’re very sorry about bringing it to your attention and we hope that you won’t buy it. And even if you will, then just as a gift to someone you hate.

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  1. Without that little plop sound and some resistance when pressed, this rubber thing is only half real.

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