Trump Shows a Fake Hurricane Map Altered With a Sharpie, Inspires Hilarious Reactions

Donald Trump is making headlines once again. The newest scandal to rock the Presidency has everything to do with the idea that just because you draw on something with a marker pen, it doesn’t change reality. When Trump showed off a predictive National Hurricane Center map, it looked like it was drawn on with a Sharpie in one place. Trump insisted that hurricane Dorian had a “95% chance” of hitting Alabama, even though the National Weather Service denied it. And, boy, did the internet love where this was going…

Just because you draw on something with a marker pen, it doesn't change reality.


I went ahead and circled the biggest national disaster with a Sharpie.

WH Press Secretary just released a newly discovered photo of Trump Inauguration.

White House releases new photo of Trump’s completed border wall.

When the President plays golf...

Trump's clean coal.

Looks like Mexico sent that check for the wall.

The White House have now released this photo to prove that Trump never met Jeffrey Epstein.

Trump releases photo showing how windmills cause cancer.

Trump confirms that FLOTUS has "never been happier".

Trump releases photo to show he’s taller than Obama.

My hands are big, the biggest, huge hands. Very big. This picture clearly shows off my massive manly hands.

Trump insists his products are 100% made in the USA.

Melania had her own umbrella the whole time.

Somebody take away this man's Sharpie.

Ripped Trump.

Ah, the truth finally comes out.

Trump's planned addition to Mount Rushmore revealed.

Trump plays cards.


BREAKING NEWS: Donald Trump releases a picture of his 2 sons to prove they are not stupid.

Photographic proof trump is "like nothing you've ever seen, just amazing" on the golf course.

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    What a dumb loser that orange idiot is!

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