23 thoughts on “Creepy 1970s-Era Posters From an Imaginary English Town”

  1. I think it’s obvious what they’re mocking here, what with the mentions of loss of rights, quarantines, 6 foot distancing, doing as you’re told without thinking about it, banning the use of facts – it’s the sort of subversive thinking that would get you banned from Twitter and Facebook for spreading misinformation. But I’m pretty sure it’s not obvious to this website what they’re mocking or they never would have allowed it to be shown here since it is contrary to the Leftist narrative of “Experts Know Best”.

  2. I don’t know whats creepier – this set of imaginary 1970’s town posters or Toothless Joe’s cluelessness. Both give me the shivers.

  3. Brilliant way to use humour to raise awareness for Toothless Joes, Breximorons, Trumpeteers, Flatearthers, Antivaxxes and other interesting Plymouth Rock-compliant specimens.

  4. Triggered by a little truth from Toothless Joe. You democrat-slaves are freaking morons if you can’t see what these posters are depicting. You’re not even with pitying.

  5. The sheep think the shepherd is doing them a favor by relieving them of their heavy wool coats but it doesn’t occur to them to wonder why the shepherd’s breath smells like mutton.

  6. Scarfolk isn’t new so it’s not actually referencing anything that’s happening today ie pandemic, Brexit etc.

  7. These so obviously related to 2021 politics, I wonder if the 1970s dates are fake and they are really produced recently and made to look a little retro, or if it’s simply that these are timeless issues, that they were relevant in 1970, they’re relevant today, and they’ll be relevant in 2040.

  8. Fo those Trumpettes who think Toothless Joe is some kind of oracle, go to the website & see the timeline. Hell, even check the Wayback Machine. The Scarfolk concept had been running for years but you are determined to see only what you want to see and impose on it you own twisted agenda.

  9. recent issues faked back to the 70’s if anyone is wondering, the personnel space is a big giveaway ;p

  10. @El Dee I can’t believe you actually think any of these are real, the quarantine and personnel space were dead giveaways not to mention the first one of you actually looked at it lmao

  11. Jesus. Toothless Joe et al are flipping morons. So is the ‘aren’t worth pitying’ guy.. The Shepard/sheep metaphor is ridiculously hilarious.

  12. According to wikipedia, Scarfolk was created as a blog, which was published as a book in 2014. Any resemblance to current events just shows how much more dystopic our lives have become in the time since.

  13. Toothless Joe is on the money! The demoralized have no idea they are so, the propaganda has been so “successful”. Facts matter no more.

  14. Someone posts British satire but “deplorables” brigade the comments with parochial politics and extremist non sequiturs? Sad.

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