The Funniest Reactions To iPhone 13

Apple users are buzzing this week because of the Apple event where the iPhone 13 was revealed. However, it was met with some disappointment as people couldn’t see why they should spend money on the new phone which looked exactly the same as the previous model. But the bright side is that the internet has done its thing and we have the most entertaining memes poking fun at this release.

Me waiting for iPhone 13 to drop, so iPhone 12 price decreases, iPhone 11 price decreases, then I can buy iPhone 7

Isn't the new iPhone amazing?

New iPhone 13.

iPhone 11, 12 and 13 be like...

Every iPhone launch.

The iPhone 12 leaves and the iPhone 13 arrives.

Apple calculating the price of the new iPhone.

Tim Cook hoping nobody notices they’re selling the iPhone 12 stock as iPhone 13.

The only difference.

Middle class ppl watching the release of iPhone 13.

iPhone 13

Steve Jobs is not amused.

Me looking for organs i don't need after iPhone 13 announcement.

Me searching price of iPhone 13 on Google!

Me looking at the difference between iPhone 12 and 13 #AppleEvent

iPhone13 soon...

The iPhone 12 Pro looking at the 13 Pro.

Looks similar.

Me trying to spot the difference between iPhone 12 Pro Max and iPhone 13 Pro Max.

#iPhone13 with integrated stove.

Just iPhone things.

6 thoughts on “The Funniest Reactions To iPhone 13”

  1. The perfect phone – Xiaomi. God bless China!
    By the way, the iPhone is also Chinese…😁😁😁

  2. as someone who has had the same moto for 7 years, i’m one who has a real hard time understanding the iPhone phenomenon. please explain this quality thing you’re paying so happily for.

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