11 thoughts on “People Who Are Definitely Having Worse Day Than You”

  1. and yay, when death beckons such storied blows shall drift inconsequential into the starry dissolve of evermore

  2. Don’t I know it. I’ve been blessed all my life! Nothing I did caused it, I thank God each day for His mercies! I just pray for all to find the same blessings!

  3. (3) Why do people put TVs on inappropriate walls? (4) Revenge of the bus. (5) Shoddy workmanship. (6) Cheers!….ooops! (8) (Who forgot to put the pot lids on?
    (9&10) Cooking disasters. (15) Who removed the gangplank?

  4. a couple of these should be left as is: certainly the blue footprints, maybe the scooter mishap

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