22 thoughts on “Better Names For Animals”

  1. LOVED the disco turkey. But I would have called the pigeon a Garbage Dove. The stab rabbit also slayed me!

  2. In swedish the name for manatee is ”sea cow” which would make the name for the highland calltle:
    ”Land sea cow”
    Better or worse..?

  3. snakes are also, murder spugerter, nope rope, danger noodle, and sometimes the cober, do NOT boop or you will get the hurt juice. sneks do sneaks ropes do scopes.

  4. I OBJECT ABOUT THE TIGER, if anyone of yall has ever been to a drive through zoo, you will know the main rule, do not feed the zebras, BECAUSE THEY ARE MEAN they bite,and kick if a human gets to close and on some accounts, they have been known to kill lions

  5. Don’t disrespect raccoons like that. Anyway who wants to win one thousand dollars just follow me on TikTok and you might win

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