35 thoughts on “Shiba Inu Goes Viral For Constantly Ruining Group Photos”

  1. Lovely dogs!
    Funny-hmm…not really
    Actually, the dog is exhibiting stress signals.
    Not likely intentionally β€œruining β€œ the photos…

  2. Hina always yawning maybe she have less sleep during night…they were so adorable. They made may day brighter…thanks for the beautiful photos Hina, Momo, Kikko, and Sasha.muaah

  3. Hina is her own dog, an individual who likes to stand out from the crowd. I also detect a slightly naughty sense of humour. Good on you Hina.
    Any group, people or animals there is always one.

  4. OMG these are the best shibas I have ever seen, because it would be like herding cats to get all 4 in one shot, let alone many pics like these. Can’t imagine having 4 shibes, cuz they all think hoomans are staff members.

  5. There is always one in every family/house/street/village and if there isn’t one in yours its you.

  6. That dog is traumatized because of flash of camera. I recognize that behavior. After I saw my Shiba didn’t like the flash, I stopped using flash. But as soon I point a camera in his direction he turns away.

  7. All four are very cute , smart and are really sad there are an actor in all pics the dogs have different expression , acting love I think they have to become an actor

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