9 thoughts on “Some Bridesmaids REALLY Want To Catch The Bouquet…”

  1. I’ve been to 4 weddings (in Italy) last year and all of the girls were literally running away from the bouquet because they don’t want to get married. In one, the bride had to throw it 4 times before finally hitting a girl. In another wedding, I fell flat on the floor while running away and the bouquet hit me.

  2. Wedding planning stress denoument + newly former BFFs + desperation + social pressure + biological clocks + free alcohol + “all the single ladies” looped at 75dB = tragicomic summary of the human condition.

    (Is it still a comedy of everyone dies after the wedding?)

  3. The fat cow in the 8th picture could catch a million bouquets! No guy is marrying that mess! Specially with them flabby disgusting hairy armpits! ugh…. she looks like she smells bad too! what a sad disgraceful display. BARF!

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