29 thoughts on “Parents Post That Horrible Moment Their Kids Go Back To School”

  1. If you find having kids a burden you can’t wait for the day to push your brood onto teachers maybe don’t have so many, especially six of the feckers!

  2. Isn’t this a touch mean on the kids? Jokes are often cover for the unacceptable things we are thinking and kids aren’t stupid. ‘Oh don’t worry darling! Mummy’s just *pretending* to be overjoyed that you’re leaving. I don’t *really* think that you’ve been an intolerable burden that’s interfered with my social life. Yes, of course I love you. Now get on the feckin’ bus.’

  3. Where has all the humor gone! Parents have been acting like this for decades, I know my children can see the funny side. Get off your high horses and stop being so precious!

  4. I’m surprised how critical everyone’s being…..you can tell how much fun the kids & parents are having together in the photos ❤
    I remember celebrating my kid’s first days back at school, then missing them all day long till they got home ❤

  5. Taught middle school for 30 years. My favorites are the day we gave them back to their parents for the summer.

  6. Most of these parents appear to be unemployed or working from home otherwise how would them going to school make a difference?

  7. Christ the miserable whingers on here! Most of the families seem to be having a good laugh posing for these.
    And as for those that mean it. Can’t blame them. Let the kids be a total drain on someone else for a while. I bet they’re sick of the sight of the whinny, needy, clingy, moody little brats who are all take take take and don’t give anything back in return except for more mess to clean up. Total leeches on society.

  8. Nanny M
    cPhee, get a life. Its funny. I miss my kids being at home but I’m happy to be able to get back to a routine and have them socialising instead of stagnating with no contact of their own age group. You are a prat.

  9. For all you idiots crying about how “maybe you shouldn’t have kids if you’re happy they are going to school” or that’s so mean to do to your kids….give it a rest! All those pictures are done during professional photo shoots, it’s ok not to want to be with your children 24/7, and maybe if we didn’t coddle children soooo much they wouldn’t want to live with us forever because the world is too mean to them! Things aren’t always fair to them it’s a good lesson to learn early so that they can handle themselves when they are adults!

  10. If their kids get corona I’d bet they wouldn’t be jumping for joy then..no way I’m sending my kid to school I’m the middle of a pandemic

  11. It’s unbelievable how there are nay sayers for every..fricking..topic. It must be exhausting being such a hater. Get off of the comments and go have some fun! Good Lord!

  12. Good Lord people, lighten the frick up!! These photos are done in jest and I’m sure the kids were having as much fun as the parents.

  13. love it, parents are called Snowplow parents or helicopter parents but when parents , who actually are extremely happy for their offspring to become independent, educated people in their own right, will also always find, as their darlings (and their egos ) grow, the house shrinks exponentially, and the sight of disappearing school bus will be a source of joy, so can we be blamed for rejoicing!Say it how it is. Children are born with use by date just like everything! There is a time limit on their pleasantness!

  14. I’m glad my mum wasn’t like some of the parents in these replies! I don’t believe in molly-coddling kids, but… ouch.

    ‘I’m being mean to teach you that life’s not fair.’

    ‘There is a time limit on your pleasantness.’

    ‘Whiny, needy, clingy, moody little brat. You are a leech on society.’

    ‘You have a use by date, just like everything else.’

    ‘Now smile and have fun while mummy stages a photo in which she *pretends* to be overjoyed to see the back of you.’

  15. I am more shocked to see grown men and women jumping 6 feet into the air in front of their children

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