69 thoughts on “Meanwhile In “Paris Fashion Week”… Have Fashion Designers Gone Insane?”

  1. Ok so the models holding the weight at least don’t have to wear high heals. The models being carried do have some sort of crock heal on. Strange statement. Still comes off like they hate women

  2. Seems over the top cruel for the models, especially for those hanging upside down. Must have been traumatic for them. Nothing redeeming about this, seems to be a sign of end times.

  3. There are some “fashion shows” that are not actually about wearable fashion so much as the artist/designer making a political, cultural, or philosophical statements. This is probably one of those. In just a few minutes I considered that maybe it was a piece about the cheap labor used to produce 1st world goods from third world workers and that it could be symbolizing that we are literally wearing the lives of other human beings around to show off for our friends. I’m not saying that is the intended message, but I highly doubt this is fashion that is intended to be worn practically so much as an art piece.

  4. Avec du fric l’humain fait n’importe quoi.
    Le créateur à rien dans le cailloux.
    Mais t’en qu’il y aura des cons pour apprécier cette merde, pourquoi le créateur ne continuerait pas.

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