448 thoughts on “20 Times Genius Kids Came Up With Their Own Words For Common Items”

  1. My Daughter has always been a wordsmith. When she was about 4 she called Robins (red bellied goblins-they walk on the front lawn going wauky tocky wauky tocky gobbling everything up! hahaha.. And Full moon she would call a manpire moon..

  2. I would watch WWII documentaries on history channel and my daughter called them dead movies. Went to Buffalo on vacation,my son called it that place that sounds like a cow.

  3. My Mom cooked mustard greens, which I called green grass, 2ce in one week, I exclaimed, “oh no, not green grass again yesterday”!

  4. When my step daughter was 3 she call kraft singles “paper cheese”. I still call it that to this day.

  5. My youngest brother called pumpernickel bread “quiet toast, ” elephants were “umpy-umps.” My next youngest brother, watching Mom make goulash for supper, asked when the “rubbish” would be ready.

  6. On a camping trip, when I was about five, we were due to arrive at a camping ground that had a flying fox, so the conversation with my two older brothers had been about playing on flying foxes.

    On arrival at the camping ground I was heard to ask disappointedly, “so when are we going to this zoo place with all the flying foxes?”

  7. Explaining the unknown in terms of the known.
    A fresh metaphor is a wonderful thing.
    When our son was around three, he received an American Indian outfit for Christmas.
    He wore it to school the next day.
    The following day he requested to wear it again, and I told him we would have to clean it.
    He said, “Well, then, can I wear it like stripes?”
    Whereupon, I asked(even though I knew exactly what he meant), what do you mean?
    He replied, “You know, red/white, red/white.”
    Every other day.

  8. When my son was three he was “entertaining” parents in the waiting room of a dance studio. As he jumped around he passed gas and quickly put his hand to his butt and said “Oops, my hiney burped. “

  9. When my son was 2 we went to Disneyland. From then on he would call a train a ‘Ding-Ding’.

  10. My niece and nephews always called pizza crusts the pizza bones. Recently my 3 yr old son has only been able to call C3P0 – B-poopio, no matter how many times I correct it lol

  11. At about 2.5 year my daughter got very excited and exclaimed look mom a bicycle-moter as a motorcycle passed by.

  12. When my daughter was 3 she called snowmobiles, “motorskates,” and the moon was “God’s eye.”

  13. My little sister heard my parents talking about going to Seattle and asked “Who is Attle?”

  14. My Daughter would say ” we go to the bank to pass a check” instead of CASH!!

  15. The first time my son saw sprinkles on his ice cream, he stared at them for several moments and then announced, “Candy rice!” And once after preschool he asked, “Mom, what’s a hooker?” I was tongue-tied for a few moments, and he exclaimed “Oh I know what a hooker is! It’s someone who hangs things on other people!”

  16. My 3 year old niece and 4 year old nephew came to visit and was impressed by my “table rug”. 20 years later, we still call a tablecloth a table rug.

    When my grand-daughter was about 4 she was helping me make noodles. I added some chicken broth to the dough, that she called “chicken pee.”

  17. Sara ‘Mikoa’ Ebare “My daughter called air conditioning ‘the cold heat.'” Your daughter is actually right. There is no such thing as cold. It is just a word that we use to describe the absence of heat.

  18. When my daughter passes gas she says “mommy my butt just whispered!” 🤦🏽‍♀️

  19. When I was little, I was unable to properly pronounce the “tr” sound, so it became “f” instead… imagine my family’s embarassment when I would proudly announce when I saw a truck. XD

  20. When I was first married and my husband’s son was just about 4 years old he couldn’t pronounce Caboose, and called it an Unkaboose, not sure why…but we called them that from then on…LOL When my Grandson was born, my husband was known as Papa Bill, and once he learned to talk, he called him Papa Boy, no matter how much we tried to correct him – so he is now Papa Boy! LOL When my daughter was young we were discussing dinner one night and I said we were having LeSueur Peas…but, she would not eat them and I asked her why and she said she didn’t want and Sewer Peas! LOL

  21. My friend’s time toddlers were having a melt down because they wanted to watch the “not nice boy” on TV, and none of us could figure out that they meant the Grinch Who Stole Christmas. The holidays have bn forever changed for me since then!

  22. When our daughter got her first two wheeler (with training wheels…must have been almost five), she would ask her dad to “higher” her seat. Makes perfect sense, the exact opposite of lower. She’s 37 and we still say higher instead of raise.

  23. My daughter also could not pronounce the”tr” sound, instead said the”f” sound. One year, she 2 or 3 told Santa mommy wanted a big truck… yup not the tr sound..but the f!@@@ My face was quite red!

  24. When my son was 2 his baby sister was born and when she cried one day he said “Oh no bubba has sad water”. He didn’t know the word for tears. Cutest thing ever

  25. When I was about 5 years old, my mom, sister and I took a taxi to town. I kept asking the driver why his weeer wasn’t on. He looked at my mom with a perplexed face and she had to explain that it was a taxi, not a police car. Weeer was my name for siren.

  26. It’s sad because not everyone reads to the bottom, so the last entries don’t get as many likes.

  27. My youngest (on the spectrum) was walking through the store with us, rhyming words and happy as can be, when we came upon a manual orange juicer. For whatever reason, when he saw it, it forever became known to our family as a Juice Mooser.

  28. When my nephew was a little, he loved to dress up. When he was ready to meet a princess, he called himself her “dark in shining armor.” It makes sense: night/knight….

  29. When I was little and went to an amusement park, I always wanted to go on the Ferris Wheel. My parents didn’t want to go on it so they would tell me that my sister couldn’t go on it because she would fall down. My sister’s name is Phyllis and I called her Phillie, so I would say that I wanted to go on the Phillie Fall Down.

  30. When my daughter was 5, she used to call nightmares, night mirrors. My son when he was 3, we were at a restaurant with our pastor, wife and some other congregation, He stood up in his seat, let out a big burp and said, “oh no, I farted out of my mouth.” The whole restaurant was quiet and then everyone started laughing. I was so embarrassed.

  31. When my son was about 3. He would come up to me with something in his hand, and say “Look Daddy, I do magic” he would drop whatever was I. His hand and say “Aboo too daboo” meaning abra ca dabra. I thought it was the cutest thing.

  32. When my son was little we pulled up to the gas station and I asked him what he wanted. He said a bag of meat!! Found out he wanted beef jerky 😂

  33. Potato chips = Chipper bips. Grasshopper = hopper grass-grasser. No chimney in the house – where will Santa get in? Through the front closet. So now he is Santa Closet! Armpit led to elbow-pit, knee-pit, finger-pit, lap-pit (WHEW, close one!)….

  34. If your two-year old says “sh-” instead of “s-“, imagine her screaming at people during her baby brother’s christening party, “Gramma! Don’t sit there! I want to sit with you! Grampa, can I sit on your yap? Aunty can sit anywhere she wants!” The looks mom got for that one….

  35. My daughter used to get excited to put on her bathing suit to go swimming….but she called it “baby soup”

    And a new portmanteau word I think should be named is, “Hanitizer” I keep hearing kids say this because they can’t say hand sanitizer

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