70 thoughts on “Meanwhile In “Paris Fashion Week”… Have Fashion Designers Gone Insane?”

  1. Do the “attached” models come with the clothes or do we have to find our own upside-down hanging human garments?

  2. Umm, what is it that they are promoting here? How to look fashionable while lugging a body around? “What are you looking at? There is nothing to see here.” Geez.

  3. Absolutely INSANE!!! …..and so completely ridiculous. What an embarrassment to the fashion industry.

  4. It’s to hide the fact that the clothing is hideous. Trying to find some way to keep their name in the news. Ridiculous and idiotic

  5. What about the bigger picture here, what if the “fashion” cuts a fart ? Do you just throw her to the ground and get a new piece of fashion ? If the wearer was to cut one, right in the face of its fashion. Does she have to stay put ? Just imagine if the fashion had the runs ?

  6. And Rick Owens is recognized as a designer….. This is a mockery to the profession (but inline with other designers who simply are weird. They are just trying to lash out with a statement, :LOOK AT ME”.

  7. Did anybody notice that the outfits the hanging people are wearing, fits as an outfit or accessory for the carrier? And models got so much stronger, ,just look at their physiques.: muscles.

  8. so, what then IS the point where a model will say, “you know what? That’s just stupid and I’m not doing it”?

  9. No doubt those who appreciate such things will happily tell us that we aren’t capable of understanding art, while not understanding they won’t sell a single one of these stupid costumes.

  10. I wonder: if you buy such a piece of… “clothing”, do you also buy the human being that’s supposed to hang on you? I mean… change the body and the art is ruined, right?

  11. This is insanity all in the name of fashion.Designers sit up;if you’ve nothing better to showcase sit back and let dressmakers do the job for u.

  12. You starve yourself for your entire life so you can become a “high fashion” model and then they hook you up on a harness, hanging upside down, with your face right in some random woman’s whohaw. Awesome…..NOT.

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