Women On Instagram Are Choosing Not To Shave For #Januhairy

New trend is taking over the Instagram: women from all over the world are celebrating their natural beauty with a no shave January movement called #Januhairy. The feedback controversial… Tell us in comments what do you think?

The lady that started it all.

Natural beauty: Y / N?

#Januhairy legs.

Celebrating natural beauty with #Januhairy

Embracing the armpit hair.

Enjoying the no shave January.

She decided to join #Januhairy

Not shaving legs for #Januhairy

Hairy armpit movement participant.

No shave January results.

Proud #Januhairy participant.

Pure natural beauty.

#Januhairy winner.

She's going all in for #Januhairy.

Beautiful? Yes? No?

Proud #Januhairy participant.

#Januhairy trend supporter.

No shave January in full swing.

Living all year like it's #Januhairy

In support of #Januhairy



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  1. Anonymous February 18, 2019

    Hairy is attractive to me

  2. Anonymous March 22, 2019

    Hairy women are perfect, celebrating natural beauty. This stupid fashion transform beautiful hairy women into children. A real woman has body hair. Sometimes a lot of body hair. It is beautiful and normal.

  3. Jan May 7, 2019

    well, can i say it : those women are PROUD and natural. I Feel as a man so right in my choices. A woman is au natrurel is more beautiful then all those barbies put together ! whatever how old they are! Wow !

  4. Andy August 1, 2019

    I love me some hairy women

  5. Anonymous August 1, 2019

    Hairy all over loving it

  6. Dwoo August 17, 2019

    Natural is beautiful, low maintenance is healthy for mind and body,

  7. Anonymous October 28, 2019

    Natural women for me. Love that hair.

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