Museums Are Hilariously Battling Over Who Has The Best Butt Exhibit

Museums get up to some very interesting and weird things on social media. Especially during Coronavirus lockdown. So the Yorkshire Museum launched a worldwide battle between curators to see which museum has the very best butt in its collection…

This cracking Roman marble statuette depicts an athlete at the peak of fitness! It may have decorated the town house of one of Eboracum’s wealthier residents. Has someone taken a bite out of this?

The clear winner of #BestMuseumBum is the statue of Aphrodite Kallipygos (lit: "Aphrodite of the beautiful buttocks"). The clue is in the name.

A work by the goldsmith Francesco Pomarano.

I nominate these fine examples!

Oh butt you haven't seen ours yet...

Falconer by John Edward Carew.

Pugilist by John Charles Felix Rossi.

Well, we don't want to be left behind. We think we've got to the bottom of it and this William Etty nude is the #BestMuseumBum

Zeus’s bottom is always a real crowd-pleaser, too.

Throughout her life, Meila Kairiūkštytė-Balkus was interested in the topic of femininity, which is reflected in her work "Elena I". Her sculptures are naturalistic, seeking to convey real rather than idealized forms of a woman.

I would like to offer Nudepoleon Boneparte for #BestMuseumBum: a bum so shapely on a body so fit it had to be hidden away because it was so much hotter than the emperor himself.

How about these bums of SUMO wrestlers in our collections? These bums were painted by Hokusai!

We raise your athlete and instead give you the bum of a drunken fish. Yes you heard me.

Georg Raphael Donner’s River Traun in the Lower Belvedere, Vienna.

May we butt in with this fine offering of Mercury overlooking the lovely garden which, coincidentally, re-opened today!

When I saw #BestMuseumBum I immediately though that I have to share this pic...

No shortage of #BestMuseumBum options from the Gardens of Castle Howard.

The Cowdray Engraving shows the sinking of the Mary Rose during the Battle of the Solent. Turns out is also shows a lot of Tudor bums!

Dino butt.

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