Middle Finger Key Holder: Brilliant Invention!

This attention-grabbing flipping key holder will all but guarantee that you never leave your keys behind. The moment that you hang your keys on this seemingly inconspicuous key holder, the middle finger shoots straight up. Brilliant, isn’t it? Actually it’s more than just brilliant, it’s pure genius! This just might be the greatest invention since the wheel, electricity, and penicillin!

Middle finger key holder.

3D printed middle finger key holder.

Where does the middle finger gesture come from anyways? The origin of the sign dates back to the English archers in the middle ages. The bows used by English archers were called LONGBOW and used the middle finger to stretch the bow. Its effective distance was around 250-300 meters. They were trained at a young age to use this bow. The French, on the other hand, used roller bows. Since the British were generally fighting with the French at that time, the middle fingers of the British archers when the two sides came face to face meant that “the arrows I shoot thanks to this finger will take you to a suitable place”. The French also punished the English archers they captured by cutting off their middle fingers if they did not kill them.

Middle finger key holder.

Back to the middle finger key holder. If you have a 3D printer and don’t want to spend so much money buying it, you can get a printable STL file here, and take the DIY approach to adding a small detail in your life that will make you smile when your come home. For those who don’t have a 3D printer, the key holder can be purchased from this Etsy store.

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