20 thoughts on “We Are Doomed: Signs That Humanity Is Getting Dumber”

  1. I am curious how long must one sit on the fence in order to remove the colour from the metal.

  2. That elevator sign reminded me of the character Rosalind Shays on the old “LA Law” series…

  3. I suspect at least half of these were put up by people as jokes to get onto sites like this

  4. About the first photo: I can just hear it now. “Hmm. OK, no mouth or rectum. But it doesn’t say anything about a p***y. Hey, babe! C’mere for a sec!”

  5. Do Not Sit on Fence. As a previous poster asked, how long? And where the hell was the spike during that time?

  6. Removed battery sign is not stupid. This if from a fire alarm. Not everyone is able to see that the battery is missing, this clearly indicates it.

  7. Next stage for humanity will happen when robots will be able to recognize bikes or crossroads lights.

  8. Some of these are probably deliberate jokes. Others are an attempt to forestall lawsuits. I’ve read plenty of news stories about someone suing a company because they did something stupid with their product and then arguing in court, “They never warned me not to use the lawn mower to cut my hair” or whatever insane thing they did.

  9. These are all so painfully obvious, that it is funny. I agree, some of these were definitely put up because it is funny. Also, some were probably lawsuits. Which one is the funniest? I like the not ranch one.

  10. Mike, who mentions the battery, is exactly right. The carpet eating one is an example of Engrish, (probably says something closer to do not eat while standing on the carpet.) The gas nozzle one is a prank. In fact, a similar product was advertised on this site within the past 3 months. (I think it was a roll of “for rectal use only” stickers.)
    My concern is: how dumb does the content creator for this site think we are?

  11. You definitely should not munch on the carpet when you’re out in public. Whatever you do behind closed doors is entirely up to you!

  12. I took French from Junior High to College. None of the teachers or professor ever told us about l’area de oolala! Never!

  13. 2) Sure does. (3) You could try….(4) You have been warned! (6) (Absolutely.
    (8) Makes Sense. (10) Ouch! (11) Handy hint. (12) They usually take ages.
    (14) Sure does…(18) Looks like it…(21) Couldn’t agree more.(22) Must be in Walmart
    (23) Yep it is.

  14. judging from how worn out the broken chair sign is, it’s tempting to say that it didn’t really work

  15. For me, some of these signs are actually reasonable and gave me insightful advice.

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