Women Sharing The Dumbest Things That Have Ever Been Mansplained To Them

Unsolicited patronising explanations from men who are neither your teacher nor your manager are all too common. But to see the level of absurdity and obviousness of the things women have had mansplained to them, we have to look at the actual instances that happened to them in real life…

what’s the dumbest thing that’s ever been mansplained to you? mine is one time I was driving and my husband let me know our home was “up ahead on the left.”

When a man explained to me that childbirth was no different than pooping.

Husband told me the correct place to sign a contract. He's not a lawyer. I am. With a degree from Harvard Law.

I was mansplained about prestressed and post-tensioned concrete design By a student in my class The class I was teaching On concrete design Which was a prereq to prestressed and post-tensioned concrete design Which I also taught And also he was wrong

My name. A colleague literally told me I had spelt my own name wrong.

Visiting rehearsals for a new play, I suggested a particular bit of dialogue be delivered in a light and humorous way. The actor told me this was a “pivotal moment in the character’s emotional arc” and I was “misinterpreting the playwright’s intent.” It was me. I wrote the play.

Menstrual pain is psychosomatic, and childbirth doesn't hurt as much as being kicked in the balls.

My birthmark. On my face. Insisted it couldn't be a birthmark; it had to be a scar. I mean, it's my face, but what would I know about it?

A co-worker mansplained at length how some code worked. After I told him that I was the one who wrote it.

I literally had a guy I went on a date with explain how malls work, like what the food court was and how there are stores

I used to be a health insurance lawyer. Multiple older men have explained health insurance to me. I’d stop them to remind them what I did for a living and then...they’d finish their explanation.

A boyfriend who didn’t speak my native language took a cursory look at something I was translating from my native language and told me I had translated it wrong. From my native language. Which he did not speak.

A guy tried to painstakingly explain to me that my diagnosed epilepsy was a “mental health problem” and it was “all in my head” and I could “be cured if I wanted to”. I have two masters degrees in mental and physical health disciplines.

Two hours ago, left ikea, holding a small ficus Random man said: "you should water that, else it'll die" To which I replied: "I was planning on burning it anyway, so I'm good" That shut him up

I’d arrived at a venue where I was scheduled to perform and a man saw me with my guitar, explained about how to tune it and then offered to show me.

One time a restaurant manager incorrectly explained my own food allergy to me WHILE I was mid-anaphylactic shock and struggling to breathe. (The culprit was pecans; the manager tried to argue with me that it was pine nuts when pine nuts aren’t nuts at all — they’re seeds.)

How to put on a bra

Bunch of old guys mansplaining how to tie down an airplane after watching me push it back into the hangar on my own. My airplane.

An ex (who was an engineer) tried to explain Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs to me.... I’m a PhD student in Psychology and have worked in this field for almost 15 years. Also, he got it wrong.

A guy who has never published a book mansplained the publishing industry to me. I've had 25 books published.

That my baby son was crying because he was hungry. I explained that actually SHE was just tired but stranger insisted no, he was hungry.

I was politely breaking up with a BF & he told me that I should really wait & think about it. He’d calculated that my period would start in a few days & I was probably just overly emotional. He proceeded to explain PMS to me. The breakup became less polite & much easier.

I was telling my ex-husband that there was this emerging term called 'mansplaining'. He'd never heard it so I told him what it meant. He then proceeded to argue about what it really meant. Having literally just heard the term for the first time. He mainsplained mainsplaining.

Have you experienced mansplaining in your life? Let us know in the comments!

81 thoughts on “Women Sharing The Dumbest Things That Have Ever Been Mansplained To Them”

  1. Mansplaining? Dear lawd…

    No, it’s morons doing stupid things and they happen to aimed at women…

    One day we really will live in a world that doesn’t require words to categorise certain actions based on sex, age, etc…

    Oh wait… Isn’t that what we’re TRYING to do already?

  2. I love when people think they know everything and, even if they did, can’t resist telling you stuff you already know. Honestly, if you’re trying to be useful, actually tell me something I don’t know instead of acting like I’m even more stupid than normal. I do learn things by myself once in a while.

  3. Asian woman here raising a black son. White ex-husband accused me of being racist and tried to explain me the importance of ethnic diversity.

  4. Allow me to Mansplain that the term Mansplaining is sexist… but acceptable.. because it is only sexist toward men… who we all know deserve the derision of all of society at every possible turn… especially if they happen to be white… or old… or men… or exist…. down with men!!

  5. Maybe we should just use a generic term for this – “bozosplaining”, since this sort of nonsense goes both ways.

    I’ve had people explain how my name is supposed to be spelled – after spelling it for them, I’ve been told “Oh, that’s not right!”.

  6. What is the difference between a man’s erroneous explanation and a woman’s that requires gender identification?

  7. Toxic feminism at its best. The feminazis carry on like it’s only men that do this to women. What a bunch of arrogant hypocrites.

  8. Womansplaining to a father how to care for a newborn girl but failing to show him how to properly clean her labia area of feces.

  9. Kind of funny how many men are offended by these posts…I always think they’re funny and I’ve been guilty of the same thing. If any guy needs help understanding mansplaining, hey, let me explain it to you.

  10. I’ve had both men and women tell me about pianos and their construction care and tuning. I’ve tuned for 40 years and written a thesis on the subject.

  11. Morons normally pretend to teach things they don’t actually know. Morons are equally spread between genders. I’m a male one.

  12. Wow. Look at all the butthurt guys who are triggered by this. Seems we have hit a nerve.

  13. Heard man tell children that people on an old B/w film they watched on tv were walking fast because people walked faster years ago.

  14. All the men calling mansplaining sexist are missing the point, that systemically the world has been run by patriarchal societies throughout history, and the US is still over 100 years away from actual gender equality. It hasn’t been that long since all women were viewed as nothing more than property and birthers, so our ethos is consequently being questioned at every turn. Our coining of mansplaining is to combat the idea that women are helpless creatures who are in desperate need for instructions and explanations about the ways of the world at every turn. We deserve respect and the platform to share our knowledge once in a while. All you have to do is practice patience and listen <3

  15. Ok, so here’s the deal: women want equal rights. That’s fair and what it should be like.
    Now women here are defending a rather sexist term like mansplaining, by referencing to past decades of early 20th century where things were not in their favour.

    As a woman, I myself feel embarrassed of such women… Feminazis are not better than any macho man.

    So, to “mansplain” the term equal: it means here to be treated “the same” ;)

    Long story short: “mansplaining” is a sexist feminist term.
    If you use such a term. You are not better than the past men you were complaining about…

  16. As a joke, I’ll give directions to my sister while she’s driving and knows exactly where she’s going.

  17. Second baby, second time experiencing mastitis. Male doctor asks how I know it’s mastitis. I rattle off my symptoms: red, hot, painful lump on my breast and flu-like symptoms. When I go to his office so he can confirm this is indeed mastitis, he proceeds to recommend “a new antibiotic that will knock it right out – but you can’t nurse the baby while you’re taking it.” 🤦🏻‍♀️

  18. 99 times out of 100, a woman knows nothing about a subject. The rest of the time, they get “mansplaining”.

  19. Based on the profile pics of most, I’d be flattered a man was paying them any attention, to begin with.

  20. RE “childbirth hurts less than being kicked in the balls” If a man can’t possibly know how much childbirth hurts because as a man he’s never gone through it, than by the same reasoning a woman can’t possibly know how much being kicked in the balls hurts.

  21. Okay, so sometimes people try to explain something to a person who knows more about it than they do. Sometimes because the person is an arrogant know-it-all, sometimes because they know something and they don’t realize that the person their explaining to knows more. Most of these, it’s not at all clear that the sex of the people involved had anything to do with it.

    But okay, I get the message. Next time a woman asks me for help, I’ll just say, “No, I don’t want to be accused of mansplaining. Figure it out yourself.”

    Funny how women complain that men are unwilling to mentor them in their careers, but if a man tries to help a woman, he risks being accused of mansplaining or even sexual harassment.

  22. i know a girl that couldn’t tell me how long it woul take to go 60 miles if we were driving at 60 miles an hour.
    there are idiots of every gender.
    don’t act like men are the only ones.

  23. I take it by the down votes of pretty legit comments this site is frequented by those who require MORE trigger warnings at the beginning of shows and not LESS?

  24. I’m a guy from Eastern Europe so I have had my fair share of mansplaining and womansplaining as well in the UK.
    Had a manager mansplaining me the concept of taxation. I have a major in finance and economics. Same guy also didn’t fully comprehend the concept of “percentage”.
    Same office, had his superior womansplaining me how photocopiers work. Turns out, and I’m not kidding, she wasn’t sure if even have internet in Eastern Europe, or know how computers work.

    Anyone who thinks they are superior in an age where access to information is abundant is a bloody moron. And also are those who are triggered by jokes.
    This is true for both man and women, getting triggered by the word “mansplaining” is equally moronic as getting triggered by making a joke about hardcore feminism. One should not put shackles on humor, that’s the first step towards censorship.

  25. Me: “I see the comments are full of male snowflakes.”

    Male Snowflakes: “No, a snowflake is when….”

  26. When the comments literally prove the point of the article. Bunch of men mansplaining here or butthurt about being called out.

  27. Goddamn! This comment section looks like a battlefield. Chill out guys, take up yoga or something. Will definitely help all of us.
    Peace out ☮️

  28. The best way to handle these kind of people is to just listen to their opinion and move on. Sometimes even total fools have pearls of wisdom. As a millennial who apparently looks like a clueless guy to boomers, I often have things “explained” to me. Sometimes, I learn. Sometimes I’m just bored. That’s my “manvise.” Take it or leave it, I guess.

  29. Que the “Not ALL men. How DARE you catagorize and make generalizations about all men!! That’s my job! Only minorities are subjected to such treatment, by me!!” Lmao i love they get mad and then immediately call out women or they just group everyone all up and be like “hey, you guys wanted equality.” Which really only makes them the victim. Hey guys. WE KNOW JUST STOP EXPLAINING.

  30. I (as a man) am really schocked but kind of amused how stupid those guys are behaving.
    I see the sad reallity of mansplaning on daily basis in my job. Thank you for sharing your experiences.

  31. As a man, I’d love a man to mansplain to why men feel so threatened by a term that men have created through their behaviour. The comments reveal that sexism is alive and well and living with mansplainers.

  32. I also have had childbirth explained to me by yale law school graduate and how it could be almost painless if I was not so highstrung.

  33. I also was mansplained about How childbirth could be less painful if I was not so highstrung by a yale law school graduate

  34. A man explained to me how to parallel park my car. After I had just perfectly parallel parked my car and gotten out of it.

  35. All the butthurt dudes in here are amazing. Mansplaining sexism to women, to try to convince them that mansplaining isn’t a thing. I’m dying 🤣

  36. I had another CPA mansplain to me that I could put my paycheck in a savings account during the busy tax season, and then use it to go on vacation and buy stuff during the off season. So he mansplained budgeting without using the word “budget” because I might not know what that meant. I have an MBA. And I scored 2nd highest in the US on the CPA exam out of 52,000 people. Jeez.

  37. I’m not on trying to support one side or the other, sexism is a big problem, as we all well know. But it can (in certain circumstances) go both ways, implying that it isn’t good to do sexist things no matter the gender of the victim and the sexist.

  38. Boy, try to explain things to girls and they get their panties all in a wad. You see, that’s just an expression, meaning they’re upset — as girls are prone to be emotional rather than rational.


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