Trump Claims Finland Rakes Their Forests To Prevent Fires, Here Are The Funniest Responses

The antics of Donald Trump have once again provided fertile ground for comedy. His awkward remarks about Finnish raking habits has given internet users a chance to showcase their humor to the world. Scroll down to see the funniest reactions.

Just an ordinary day in the Finnish forest.

Forest Roomba in action.

As a Finn, I would answer something witty here, but I still have some 228000 square kilometres of forest to rake, so I’m rather busy. Sorry about that.

Not on my watch!

What now, Donald?

I finished raking all the leaves in my backyard last week, so we should be free of forest fires in Pennsylvania. No need to thank me, just doing my part. #MakeAmericaRakeAgain

Make America rake again!

Please send help. Must bring own rakes.

Finland has the best rakes in the world!

Rake America great again!

Yep, as a Finn I just ended my daily raking in the nearby forest. It is a hard job - especially when the leaves are under the snow.

No fires will ever start here!

Picture from Finland where raking is the reason for not having forrest fires.

Just this afternoon I was busy meeting my raking quota. #RakeNews #Finland #Haravointi

Well this is sad.

Heroic Finnish firemen.

The leaves haven't all fallen yet, so I am raking the forest proactively.

Trump's greatest tips.

Just a reminder to keep raking.

Just waiting for this leaf to drop so I can rake it! Any minute now...

20 thoughts on “Trump Claims Finland Rakes Their Forests To Prevent Fires, Here Are The Funniest Responses”

  1. I don’t think I can ever go back to a politician being president. From now on this post should be held by comedians only.

  2. as a child with no political influence, and since i will be 18 exactly one month before i can vote this fool out of office, i love sitting back and watching the world make fun of him.

  3. As italian I can just say that americans deserve their leader. Not everybody. Probably not even the major part of them.
    But that’s your election system and, yes, you deserve it also.

    Only difference? italian leaders count nothing, their damage range can affect only our country and people and some of the few tourists that still believe in the Dolce Vita. Trump, leader of the most powerful country in the world, is ruining the whole planet.

  4. fake news and lies,…..sad
    The real problem with California always burning, is because of strict laws being added to the books that limit people, and puplic lands to be properly maint. Forest can and need to be responsibly cleared. Now that dosent mean go in and wipe a whole area out. but it’s important to remove tress that are close together, remove tress that are dieing or dead, tress that have been attacked by Bettles. It’s inportant to remove fallen leaves and branches.
    I know this has been a waste of my time because half the people on here have drank to much coolaid. Judging by comments

  5. @Rudy: if you remove all the dead matter (dead trees, leaves etc.) as you propose you kill the whole ecosystem, so you might as well just wipe the whole area out you ****wit

  6. @Rudy – you’re clearly as stupid as your president. This clearly accounts for why he won and why your country is a laughing stock.

  7. I think Rudy needs to do a little research first. There are an estimated 33 million acres of forest land in California, of which roughly 19 million are federal forest lands. If we had just one person per acre to do the sort of maintenance Rudy has suggested, we’d need 33 million workers. Don’t like that number? Cut it in half or quarters and it should still give you a feel for the magnitude of the task that Rudy and others have suggested should be undertaken. It ain’t going to happen!

  8. .

  9. Rudy, there are over 20 million acres of national forest in California. 15 million more of BLM land. Managing that much area like your backyard garden is not an option. Sure, we could pour the better part of the entire national budget in to thinning CA’s forests and clearing up deadfall, but after we got done destroying a shitload of native species’ habitat, there would still be hot dry weather, lightning, and wildfires. We don’t do these things because it would be ecologically destructive AND economically disastrous.
    But yeah, I’m sure if we just relaxed all our laws protecting national forests, it would totally stop fires. Can’t have fires without forests, right?

  10. What country will be the first to come to your aid in the case of a catastrophe. Sneer all you want. We are the most giving, helpful country to other countries in time of need. In our country we are free to do, vote, think and say what we want. We can worship, live and work where we want. We can choose to educate ourselves and work our way up or not. What does your country offer?

  11. national health care and paid maternity leave? about a month off from work per year? freedom from worrying if my kids will get shot at school? retirement with dignity? reasonably priced college education?

  12. Rudy, The f3ck is Coolaid?
    The guy who doesn’t know what coolaid is.

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