Russian Fisherman Posts Funny And Terrifying Creatures of The Deep Sea

Russian fisherman Roman Fedortsov’s Instagram account is flooded with photos of the most bizarre deep sea beings ever. He works on a fishing trawler in Murmansk (extreme northwest of Russia), and uses his phone to document the funny and monstrous creatures that get pulled in the fishing nets.

Funny deep sea fish.

Scary deep sea fish.

Weird fish with awkward teeth.

Weird deep sea creature.

Terrifying deep sea fish.

Deep sea monster.

Really awkward deep sea fish.

Weird smiling deep sea fish.

Weird deep sea creature.

These deep sea fishes look like seven gnomes.

Creepy one-eyed deep sea fish.

Weird deep sea fish.

Just look at the chin on this deep sea fish!

Scary red deep sea fish.

Awkward deep sea creature.

Horrifying deep sea fish.

This deep sea fish looks like a toad.

Awkward deep sea creature.

Weird black deep sea fish.

Weird deep sea fish.

25 thoughts on “Russian Fisherman Posts Funny And Terrifying Creatures of The Deep Sea”

  1. Wow, some of these look like either ceramic or paper machaie……veery strange. Would scare me to bits if I was swimming and saw one.

  2. what is he doing fishing these. They come from the very deep sea. They are destroying the marine life with this kind of fishing.

  3. Has he discovered any new species or even found an abundance of food.
    Are these creatures rare to find? If they are new or rare species,
    they should not have been fished. (A photograph and description)

  4. Most people aren’t realizing that he’s not purposely fishing up these types of fish; they get caught in his net while fishing for fish that we set on our plates. Inevitably, when pulling up these fish, you can’t toss them back into the ocean. They’re dead by the time they come to the surface from water pressure. If they are still alive somehow, tossing them back in wouldn’t help them, unfortunately. Most of the fish you see here are even severely deformed, as they’ve imploded due to the same pressure.

  5. Cool fish but probably or smart to constantly fish these as the pressure of being brought up to the surface instantly kills some of them and blinds others

  6. These creatures are DEAD. they’re not just interesting art pieces for you to peer at, their DEAD. The fact that commercial fishing nets drag these up means that so many unnecessary fish die for one meal. These poor animals violently died, thrashing as the water pressure destroyed them from the inside. Some of them were even covered in blood from when their hearts exploded. It would feel to you like being dragged to the bottom of the ocean, thrashing and screaming as the pressure crushed your heart, your lungs, your skull. And all for an omnivore who can live a good life without killing these poor creatures. Think about THAT next time you eat fish. Utterly obscene.

  7. ^This vegetarian doesn’t actually seem very happy.^

    The pressure wouldn’t crush your skull, it would push water into the holes behind your eyes and mulch your brain inside your skull, your lungs/stomach would explode crushing your other internal organs, as when your body is in a place with that much pressure it sort of becomes a vacuum by comparison.

    As for the ‘They’re not art pieces’ argument. Yeah, they aren’t. That doesn’t however mean we aren’t allowed to appreciate these creatures. Without appreciation, conservation doesn’t exist. Without conservation, they don’t exist.

    Rather than being a moron and shouting at people who have seen these pictures, just because they happened to see these pictures. Maybe it would be a better idea to do something about it at the core of the issue. You don’t even know if the people looking here eat fish. Maybe go do some activism, complain to your government, complain to fishermen, start up an industry that fishermen can work in and switch over to with full security, allowing them to give up the job you hate them for. Or argue for universal basic income to gain the same effect.

    Stop complaining into the void and start doing. Unless of course, this issue isn’t actually important to you and you are just looking for a way to scream holier than thou at random passers by. More often than not that is the case, which is why people don’t like vegetarians.

  8. @A Man of Advise,

    you are the moron and brainless one. @A Happy vegetarian was correct, these are deep sea fish. For the fisherman to catch this fish mean that the throw there net too deep in the water. Deep sea fish are probably ancient fossil since it is only this century that we have the means to catch deep see.

    Maybe there should be some rule against catching the fish net too deep, since they are already endangered species. I don’t mind people catching deep sea fish for studying but not this accidentally being caught in commercial net because the net was cast too deep into the ocean

  9. A happy Vegetarian, they die instantly lol…. theres no “dragging pain” thats your imagination

  10. …do yall control the fish you get? no its random, dont thing he just was like” ha ha, i want a blob fish. ima go get on har har” no he is just fishing. its prob his job

  11. @Wake up, you are like all these environmentalist two faced idiots. You are bitching about destruction of nature and animals but you all use all commodities that it gives.

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