These Two Cats In Japan Have Been Trying To Sneak Into a Museum For Years

What do you do after you fail? Purr your disappointment away and just try harder. Meet Ken Chan and Gosaku: two devoted art lovers that have been trying to get into the Onomichi City Museum of Art for years now, but have been consistently kicked out just as they were entering it. The two have probably taken residence somewhere nearby the museum, because they keep coming back again and again. Eventually, the staff started tweeting photos of the times they drop by, making them internet celebrities.

Mexican standoff in a Japanese museum.

Museum guard vs. sneaky cat.

No cats allowed to enter.

Cat vs. museum security guard.

Ginger cat trying to visit museum.

Ginger cat wants to get in.

He knows he's not allowed to get in.

Cat getting politely kicked out of a museum.

Ginger cat getting politely kicked of a museum.

Black cat sneaking into a museum.

Cat failed to sneak into a museum.

This cat is not happy that he wasn't allowed to enter a museum.

Security guard blocking the entrance.

Black cat refused an entrance into the museum.

Black cat banned from the museum.

Ginger cat refused to enter a museum.

Entrance refused.

Badass black cat.

13 thoughts on “These Two Cats In Japan Have Been Trying To Sneak Into a Museum For Years”

  1. Hardly seems fairs, what with the bit smiling cat outside. You can see where these fellas would be confused.

  2. They look (and act) just like my Nikki and Goldie. If a door is closed to any room in the house, They are obsessed with getting inside.

  3. Which is which? No one identified the names of the respective cats. The black one looks very similar to one of ours or a neighbor’s — but we’re in Southern California. Also noticed the black one seems to be wearing a collar. Does it have an ID with it? I’d contact the owner.

  4. The guards seem very nice, but I can tell you from personal experience that explanations don’t help. They’ve set their minds on getting in. The only thing left is to harness them and escort them around.

  5. i would agree on letting them in but if it is a museum than there would be expensive, old stuff they cant risk getting damaged…

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