13 thoughts on “Cats Who Are Not Happy About Their Lion Haircuts”

  1. My cat HAD to be cut like this due to a very bad flea reaction. She would not leave the house for 2 weeks !!!!!

  2. I feel sorry for thosedarlings. I must say the lion look seems to be funny and amusing though- but it doesn’t look good in any of those cats. They looked pissed off and embarrassed. But others have said that it was a necessity to shave off their hides because of serious flee and tick infestations. All of the fur should’ve been shaved off. Oh well…….

  3. I have the lion cut done to my two Himalayans three times a year to keep hair down in the house and prevent hair balls. I have a mobile groomer come to house so I don’t have to drive them anywhere. Quite frankly, after the cut, they are spunkier and quite cuddly.

  4. I know it can look a bit extreme, but sometimes this is necessary for cats like Persians.
    If they’re too old to groom properly (either due to behavioural or mobility issues, or sometimes both), or are rescued and in a bad state, or live in very hot countries, a lion cut like this can be a life-saver! I grew up with a Himalayan and even in the UK the summers were so hot for him we had to get his chest and tummy shaved so that he could cope.
    It’s just like clipping a horse which is done to stop thick-coated horses from overheating (search “horse traceclip” for an example).
    Saying that, the one with only his face left untouched looks a bit severe – but it’s a good, smooth professional clip so who knows the cats history or what state they were in to start with

  5. The white ones remind me of Maggie, the cat of my stepfather’s friends. Maggie is a Persian cat with a lion cut.

  6. dear Anonymous#2, we do have cuts like that… sometimes animals need to be trimmed like this because of medical reasons or because of the tempature.

  7. All you all who say this is a horrible thing to do to a cat can just get off your high horses. I do this to my super long haired cat once a year for the summer. Both she and myself need a break from all that hair! She has never seemed to be upset about it, in fact, the first time I did it she actually perked up and got more affectionate. I think it made her feel special. And the first time I did do it because of mattes. But not the next 4 times. The hair grows back. It’s not the end of the world. Most of these cats pictured in this article are the kind that look angry about EVERYTHING. It’s just their default expression. Lion cuts to do harm cats. Get over it.

  8. I meant to say, “lion cuts do NOT harm cats” Not “to do harm cats”
    My male cat got one such cut. He was terrified just going there. He does not get any more. The female – she loves it. I think she even lords it over him. :)

  9. I don’t think people do this to their cats cuz they want a miniature lion or think it’s cute. All of the cats pictured are long haired breeds & they need to be shaved for mats, heat or medical reasons & the lion cut is cuter than shaving them completely bald. I had to have my Ragdoll shaved & thot she’d be embarrassed but she didn’t show any kinda hate at all.

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