26 thoughts on “Parents Tweeting About What Having a Teenager Feels Like”

  1. I got through 3 teenage boys. They’re all adults now which is good. However, by the time I finished with the third tern my hair was mostly gone. . . Any correlation?

  2. Gawd bless all those reckless, hell bent people who are insane enough to have some of those little monsters

  3. Well, went you plan to pick him up a bit earlier from school, he got dentist appointment..and when he released is going to miss only 30 mins. Class…well…not going to dentist now, have to be morning appointment….Gosh…what’s in his brain ???

  4. @Shemp: I got this. I’ll ask her to translate.

    Mary, Bloggage from the grale beyonders, here. Sprinkly wise worms all tricklyhow in the earloders of the human specie. Gratifole to an anonyloppers living human beel for transcrile your worms.

  5. One of my teens hasn’t quite figured out teen rebellion yet. When I picked her up from school, she told me she refused to take a homework sheet that she was told to do. She was not thinking through that I would turn the car back around and take her back to get it. She apparently thought she had a winning argument to convince me how stupid the assignment was. She was so mad at me when we went back, but she had ratted herself out. Had she waited an hour to tell me, the school would have been closed and there would have been no way of getting it, lol. Teens are funny sometimes.

  6. I can’t wait . I have three boys. Just boys. Oldest is 11. I just can’t wait. I think I hated teenagers when I was a teenager. It’s going to be fine……

  7. Jorge, you’re lucky, the annoyance ratio is 5 to 1 girls to boys. The worry ratio is at least 8 to 1 and can go higher, depending on the girl.

  8. I always pretended I was going to inspect my teens room so would wrestle with him at the door till I was satisfied I had hugged him enough. Mums are sneaky

  9. Oh my lord! I can relate! I had beautiful dark brown hair and then I raised 3 boys! My hair turned white during their teen years!

  10. My son is diabetic so I was careful to give him a decent packed lunch ….. which I sometimes discovered hidden under his bed rotting and once I found it in a bag on the tree outside his bedroom window where he had thrown it. Love him

  11. It’s been a year since my sons moved out (one moved out and one we had to kick out) and now both are doing okay, in their early 20’s. I am still so tired from their teen years I haven’t opened the door to their rooms which they left pretty trashed. But we did find all of our missing dishes in the guitar case one of them left. (We had to throw the entire mess away).

  12. Son says to mom at the mall, mom can you walk about 25 feet ahead of me so that my friends don’t know that you’re with me.

  13. Well, the teenage years really make you Appreciate grown up kids. Mine are busy being extra nice as they realize what we went through.

  14. This isn’t fair for teens, plus it’s just an annoying stereotype that makes people think that just because someone is a certain age they can predict every single thing that they’re going to do.
    People should have more respect (especially because teens are the ones that will choose what type of old folks home the older generations are going to end up in)

  15. Lol some of these were funny but I wish that people would give teens the respect they deserve… the respect that everyone deserves… some respect at all???

  16. The key to raising adventurous, healthy, and generally nice teenagers is to change your response to their requests from “Why?” to “Why not?” Take a chance. Allowing them to fail can be some of the best lessons you can give. They may just find their passion. The best parents risk losing just enough control to allow their children to live their best lives. Encourage them to try new things, celebrate when they succeed, and be there for them when they fail. It’s a win-win!
    Obviously, I’m not talking about beginning a burgeoning heroin addiction or wildly unsafe lifestyle here, but if your teenage son wants to get something pierced, or your teenage daughter wants to dye their hair bright blue (or vice-versa), support their risk-taking. Let them know that whatever happens, they can always be easily written out of the will.

    Just Kidding. Let them know you’re there for them no matter what.

    With love,
    A Father of 3 now-adults

  17. Teenage boys are better than teenage girls because when upset, teenage boys will sulk and go to their room.

    That’s what’s called a ‘self correcting problem’

    Teenage girls, when upset what to share their problems with you

    Who needs that

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