50 thoughts on “Top 20 Dumbest Quotes by Kanye West”

  1. You have to admit he is very influental.
    Half of the “dumbest quotes” feature him.

  2. I’ve never been a fan of his, but apparently he’s bipolar and he’s not on meds. He’s mentally ill and needs help. Hope he gets it.

  3. Wait a second! This is a real person? I thought he was just a long-running joke about self-obsession for all these years. Holy crap, this guy is nuts.

  4. His music sucked when he actually thought he was making music. His ego is out-dwarfed only by his incredible ignorance. I don’t care if he;’s bi-polar, manic-depressive, whatever. I feel nothing for this dip-shit. He just needs to go the f away.

  5. So filthy rich. Richly richly rewarded all these years. I don’t know which of the above I like more, the ‘my apartment is too nice to listen to rap’ or the stunning Portrait With Grubby Red Cap.

  6. What has always got me…how do you amass a Billion when your writing is so poor? A musical genius…what??? The guy has said he has literally never read a book. Boo this dummy.

  7. No wonder he and former POTUS Trump are such buds–both are narcissism personified. And both say stupid things in public.

  8. That dirty mouth crazy needs to keep God’s name out of his mouth unless he’s praying to God to ask for help with trying to make sense out of ignorance 🤨

  9. Mark ( three comments above), we are intelligent creatures, more intelligent than most humans many would argue, so I really dont understand your comment.

  10. He is typical of the mediocre intellects that populate the upper echelons of the American oligarchy – one of the reasons America (and the rest of the world) is swirling around the gurgler at the moment.

  11. If he were a Biden fan no one would care about his ridiculous rants. I’m not agreeing with the things he says and think they’re horrible, but Y’all know I have a point. Ps- if you come after me for the Biden comment you proved my point…

  12. Y’all so dump and stupid talking shit about Kanye. He expresses himself without fear or worry of anything he ain’t influenced buy nothing he simply being himself . How y’all blame somebody for being him?he don’t wana impress any of you fools. Broke ass shitholes with nothing talking about Kanye. Hahaha

  13. Kanye is telling the truth and this site with most of the people who commented are probably paid trolls

  14. Just the mere fact that someone took the time to search for pics of Ye and put some random quotes proves his point

  15. He sounds like he’s had a psychosis mental breakdown and just gone with it rather than seek professional help. Needs to calm down and balance himself.

  16. I need a room full of mirros
    so i can be surrounded by winner💪
    nice quote. means he believes is a winner

  17. Hit piece by JIDF followed by a load of JIDF paid comments. All this is does is prove him right.

  18. They push Black Lives Matter like they’re the greatest thing since black beans.

    But if a swhwartza gets out of line, then every fashion company, every talent agency, every bank, every footwear company–even Gentile ones, every celebrity–shiksa ones too–will “blackball,” no pun intended, that ‘Auntie Semite’ schwartza.

    It’s yet another riddle of Jewish success.

    Just ask Kanye West!

  19. Ye always right about his convictions.
    “Kanye was Right” – Black CoinDesk Journalist Fired for Noticing That Everyone at FTX was Jew, by Andrew Anglin – The Unz Review

  20. Ye ain’t no kiddin’,always telling truth,not a chicken like LBJ.
    Ye opened the floodgates. The Jews have a crisis of black people basically every day now.

    Black journalist Isaiah Jackson, who works for CoinDesk, tweeted the following about the ongoing FTX debacle:

    Look up the religious affiliation of everyone involved in the FTX collapse

    Kanye was right like always.

  21. until I read that he was actually mentally ill, I was kind of making fun of him. but now it looks diabolically sick that the media is exploiting this man’s disturbingly ignorant comments when they know he has a medical condition. Hershel Walker may or may not have a similar condition, but they’re doing the same with him, it’s like a desperately twisted reverse-reverse racism.

  22. This is good. For the entire decade that I’ve been a public figure, I’ve been calling for an open conversation with the Jews.

    A conversation is explicitly what Ye has been calling for. Ye was silenced, his money was stripped from him, and the Jews said that there was zero chance that there will ever be any conversation about the abuses of the Jews. It was in fact shocking that the Jews simply said “shut up, you’re not allowed to talk about this, we’re taking your money.”

    After the death of George Floyd, the entire Jew media was telling us that we were going to have a “conversation.”

    A global conversation about race.

  23. YE Kiddo! Go For It!
    Jews destroyed my life. They destroyed Ye’s life. We have a lot at stake here. We want to understand what is going on, and we need these Jews who control everything to explain it to us.

    Here are some other topics of conversation:

    Jews are currently pushing us towards a world war to try to collapse the government of Russia for reasons that are entirely related to Jewish experience and Jewish geopolitical goals.

  24. Why Not? Why Are They’re Afraid?
    We need to discuss all of these things and much more.

    It’s past time to have a conversation with and about the Jews. It’s time for Jews to listen.

    Do you remember all those headlines they ran about whites? We need to have a situation where the word “white” is replaced with “Jew.” 

  25. The Jews are telling Kayne West if he does not apologize they are going to drug him into a zombie and “play time with the kids won’t be the same again”
    Kayne has balls of steel if he put this out. (Hollywood Harley P. )
    Now pls,give me back my stolen $ Billions.

  26. Hurry up Guys! Your vote is needed.
    ‘Antisemite of the year’ top 3 finalists announced

    Disgraced rapper Kanye West is in the lead to win the dishonorable title by watchdog group StopAntisemitism. Voting for the finalist is open until December 11.

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